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Landline cable needed

My landline isn't working and I think it's because it should be connected to my hub rather than the box on my wall. How do I get a cable to connect it?

She4 by Joining in
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No landline dialling tone

Currently no landline dialling tone, unsure how long been out.issue in the area?change over in B69 area?

Walker4 by Joining in
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No Landline Area 24

Since Virgin cut off our analogue service and asked us to connect to the Internet Hub on the 24th January we have had no dialling tone. I’ve reported it several times to Virgin using a mobile phone. They said a problem was fixed yesterday 31st Januar...

Resolved! Deleting a VM Landline line and porting a BT line to VM

I have a VM Landline as part of my 'bundle' but haven't used it for many years (I've been a NTL/VM customer for nearly 20 years). I also have a BT landline. I'd like to delete the VM landline and bring the BT line into my VM bundle and keep the numbe...

billedge by Tuning in
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Replacement phone line in use

My phone is connected via the hub. I've purchased a new phone and when I plug this in, it says line in use. What am I doing wrong?

Hub 5 - telephony not enabled

I changed package recently and plugged the new TV box and Hub 5 in yesterday evening. Everything is working fine, except my home phone. When I log on to the Hub I see that telephony is not enabled.I have a fibre phone line, having been switched over ...

samaryd by Joining in
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Phones in S5 - Vulnerable customer yet again NO service

What is wrong with the landlines in S5. Yet again the phone has been off since Friday, status checker says there isn’t a problem, so can’t register an issue. Several neighbours also off, so I know this is not isolated to myself.   Seems to be a recur...

rachl by Tuning in
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Resolved! Incorrect Landline Number following transfer

Hi,On the 19/02/22 I asked Virgin to transfer my old BT landline number. This was processed and the £25 fee will be applied to my next bill, I have given the process a week to complete, per the instructions I was emailed. However, my landline number ...

ACH60 by Joining in
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