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Mum in laws phone

Mum has dementia. I have rang her. She answered but it cut out a few seconds later. She has not out the phone down. Now when I call her it is engaged. She is an hour drive away. Can virginmedia send a reset or a tone down the line so she picks it up?...

Land line

My land line is constantly engaged and can't make any out going calls

21CN Switchover today: Hub says telephony disabled

My switchover date from old phone line to phone via Hub is today (27th September).I have connected adapter to Hub 3 (Line 1) and then plugged in extension cable to phone.No dialtone on phone and Hub says telephony service is disabled, even tho I have...

daveo77 by Dialled in
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Home phone adapter

Today i have received a fibre phone adaptor to plug into the hub,i am at a loss on how this can be achievable as i have two phones one in the hall and one upstairs, and the hub is situated at the rear of the TV. Please advise. Kind Regards

peter661 by Joining in
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Landline not working

Our landline hasn't been working for about a week now. At first, if I dialed out, it would cut off immediately. Now if I ring out, it sounds like it's ringing at the other end, but it actually isn't. Similarly, if someone rings me, they hear ours rin...

Resolved! Home phone changeover

I have a home phone with three extensions throughout the house.However I cannot remember receiving a letter or anything else else about this?Do I have try contacting VM or do I wait?My home phone is in a different room. Is this a problem? Will the ex...


I have a new home phone but need the service centre number to send and receive text messages can you provide this please 

Sara2018 by Joining in
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Get rid of Temp Phone number after Contract Change

We Decided to downgrade our contract to just Broadband in these expensive timesSo Tivo & Phone were disconnectedHowever a few days later we decided to go back to our package from before as were offered a better dealTivo was instantly backHowever been...

MRM3 by Tuning in
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I’ve had a virgin landline for a long time. It’s never been the best with cracking but not always, more often when the weather is bad. In the past engineers have changed the connectors. Just when I think it’s maybe sorted bad weather and crackles ret...

markandp by Joining in
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