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Transfer Landline number from Virgin Media

My fibre broadband contract with Virgin Media is coming to an end and I now wish to transfer to another provider.When I joined VM, my fibre/copper landline was ported from EE with no problem and has been provided via the Hub 3 since transfer.However,...

pnewbery by Joining in
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Landline not working since December 21st

Hi , My landline has been out of action since the 21st of December.  we have reported it and had a technician visit on the 29th of December.  He said we would be contacted between 24 and 48 hours later.  I have called twice from my pay as you go mobi...

annaA1 by Joining in
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Can't ring mother's landline, cuts off immediately

My elderly mother was having issues with her home phone before Christmas, line noise and cutting off intermittently. As the phones were quite old I bought her a new phone (2 handsets for upstairs and downstairs), however we're still getting issues (i...

Resolved! Fibre Phone Switch Over - schdeuled for today

At the end of Sept 22 and Oct 22 - I had this text messageHi, it's Virgin Media again. Your phone service is changing on 11 January. We'll send you an adapter by post, that you need to connect your phone to your Hub.I received the adapter in December...

klynchk by Up to speed
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Resolved! Landline issue

There is no dial tone on my landline.  I have followed the advice to check my telephone equipment, but my line appears to come through a pre-existing BT socket with no test facility.  Following the instructions on the help pages seems to take you on ...

Landline dead

Telephones plugged in socket. Completely dead. no dial tone. have tried alternate handset. Unplugged and replugged 3 times. Nothing.internet still works. router was replaced last week and phone was working till this morning.What should I do?

Resolved! calls from "Virgin Media" on +44 800 183 6411

I keep getting calls from "Virgin" to my mobile on this +44 800 183 6411The call quality is terrible and the speaker appears to be Filipino or Indonesian.They ask me to authenticate my credentials with them. I decline because I have no reason to trus...

klynchk by Up to speed
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We received a letter to expect an adaptor for our phone to continue working and have not received it and can not work out to request an adapter