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Resolved! Didn’t get an adapter

Hi I just need an adapter pls, I haven’t heard of the switchover and didn’t receive an adapter just wondered why my home phone won’t work properly. 

JannyJ by Tuning in
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Resolved! Problem connecting to landline numbers

Using my landline, mobile and son’s mobile, even away from home, we cannot connect to most landline numbers. Mobile numbers appear ok and also the odd landline number but the majority just has a dead line our end but seemingly the other person hears ...

Resolved! New hub phone line wont fit

Got new hub today to be able to be ready for the fibre phone line change, but my phone jack doesn’t fit it to the new hub?! if I need a new phone, Virgin will need to buy it for me

Land line incoming calls not working

Really hoping for some help. I’m a brand new customer joined in jan. My land line transferred over mid Jan. For the third week my land line still isn’t working for incoming calls. For the first two weeks when you called the number it said this number...

Phone switch over - Engineer

I've received a letter saying I need an Engineer to come to switch the phone over, but the date I have been given for this is about 6 weeks after the date the letter says the phone needs to be completed by, surely this can't be right?

RobertsE by Tuning in
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Resolved! Home phone

I can connect to mobile numbers from my landline but I cannot connect with other landline numbers. I have reported this three times and cannot get this fixed. What are my options?  Should I choose another service provider or is this something I can f...

Hosue phone keeps bleeping

Hi there, Since we've had the hub installed, the house phone keeps bleeping. It's not the voicemail and we are able to receive and make calls just fine. Can yhis be looked into. Thanka

Tasjay05 by Tuning in
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Landline not working

There has been no dial tone from my landline for several weeks. We only have one handset and can't dial in or out. We have tried different phones too, but can't seem to resolve this. Please can you help?Thanks 

Resolved! Changing home phone

Hi,I would like to change my home telephone number to prevent people who i dont speak to anymore to not contact me.

Anhar999 by Joining in
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