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How do I order a new hub for my home phone service

I have received an email telling me that I need to order a new Hub to be able to continue using my land-line. It suggests I ring 150.None of the options provided fit the request. I am unable to get beyond the electronic voice and in any case I cannot...

Phone connection to hub

Can you tell me what we have to do if we don’t want the phone connecting to the hub we hardly use the house phone and it is an old phone I am not going to have the expense of buying a new phone can we get the house phone disconnected because we are p...

Faulty landline - continuous engaged tone

Since yesterday it has been impossible to receive or make calls from my Virgin landline, so cannot even dial 150.  Instead of a dialling tone there is a continuous engaged tone.  If you ring the landline from an external phone it appears to ring norm...

plantlover by On our wavelength
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My phone line keep saying check phone line 

Ant1980 by Tuning in
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Transferring landline number from one VM account to another

Hello Virgin Media community,I have a query regarding the transfer of landline numbers. I am have to cancel my VM account at one property, but want to keep the current landline number and transfer it to my son's VM account at a different address. He ...

I have been charged too much

I have 'Talk More Anytime'.My home phone starts '0208...'I called another '0208...' number.Why am I being charged £10.54 for a 2 hour call?


Why can't I make outgoing calls via my virgin router to a BT conventional landline telephone number, whereas they can phone me OK. I assume there is a problem when the virgin Internet-based telephony system interfaces with the existing BT landline ex...

GROBTIV by On our wavelength
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