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Landline not working

No dialing tone. Does not ring when dialled in to. Have tried another phone in the socket and no difference. Service checker shows no problems in my area and broadband seems to be working ok. Can someone from Virgin please help (again!)

AndyGG1 by Tuning in
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migrated with no notification

Today I have attempted to call my 92 year old dependant father at our pre defined time. All I get is automatically diverted to VM help (or lack of) desk. They informated me that our phone line has been disconnected today with no prior notification, t...

adriansu by Joining in
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Phone switchover

Ok received an adaptor, set up as instructed - nothing! I wasn’t told that the port would need to be activated.    Engineer came yesterday to sort it out and told that the problem is your end and should be resolved in 24 hours - nothing,  No communic...

tjaleo by Joining in
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Landline dead since Sunday

We had a powercut ob Sunday and since then the landline has been dead.Would you please explain how to book an engineer when your service status thinks everything is ok, it just keeps asking me to call 150 which I cannot do, makes me think about the P...

Landline Not Ported

Our landline number that we had with Sky has not ported across as requested. On my mobile to Virgin call centre for 30 minutes today, no help whatsoever. All I could make out is that I may be charged. I need it changed ASAP due to various authorities...

YamYam72 by Joining in
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Landline dead

I've been without a landline for several weeks. Several times I tried running the "only takes a couple of minutes" tests via the phone "helpline", but when phoning back after 10 minutes I was just prompted to repeat the same thing. I have tested the ...

upgrading chatter during contract - flexible?

Here's a question: what is the minimum term for an upgrade to chatter within an 18month contract? Is it flexible and can it be upgraded and downgraded without penalty (as your mobile contracts can?)