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Virgin landline not working

Unable to make outgoing calls ,  incoming calls the phone will ring but caller unable to hear us.   Tried a different phone and still the same issue - can you help please? 

Fran9 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Landline not receiving calls

 I've seen another identical post to this...what's the solution please....I've retained the previous number for my new house. A new number was issued. The number has been changed to the old one and will dial out and shows on caller I'd on my mobile b...

Raj4 by Joining in
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Fibrephone connection

Afternoon folks.I've just received the email informing me that I'll be switched to fibrephone in early January.Like many others my hub is located pretty far away from the old Telewest master socket so I'm trying to figure out the simplest and tidiest...

CV21 - line busy

Another day another issue … my home phone goes via superhub 4 (cv21) and for last couple of days when trying to make a call get “Line busy” . I can resolve by phoning home number via mobile but very frustrating!First time it did this I restarted the ...

forshawj by Up to speed
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Switch over not adapter

I have received many letter informing myself that I shall receive an adapter to connect my phone to my hub. On Monday I received a text message informing me that my phone was now switched over to the other network. But I still have nor received any a...

Phone fibre network adaptor

I have been notified twice that an adaptor has been sent out to me ( replied "RESEND" to original communication) but have still not received one. Changeover taking place 16th January. Please can you help.

Resolved! Phone charges

Do virgin media charge for a call when the number is engaged

Rob1022 by Tuning in
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Resolved! telephone number

Moving to new house that previously had no landline/landline provider. Landline is part of my VM package. How do I get a landline number. TIA

blinddog by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline connection letter

Apparently, I am supposed to have received a letter informing me of a change in the way my landline phone is connected. I have not received any communication of this nature, so, who should I contact to make inquiries?

ibyorkie by Joining in
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No Appoinment sent for new hub

Hi I contacted Virgin as the phone changeover needs a new hub, I was told that I would be sent a text message with the appt date but I have not received it.  Also I am not convinced that the lady understood that the phone will need an extension as it...