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Landline still not working

I spoke to an agent directly when my landine stopped working a week ago. He arranged for a WiFi adapter to be sent and said all I had to do was plug the phone into it, when it arrived. It came yesterday and I still have no dial tone and cannot receiv...

Mazmo1 by Joining in
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Wifi phone handset

Does the Virgin Hub 3 have an option ot link to a wireless phone diretclty, without having to use a basestation? my old BT digital had this ability so the hansets (essential digital home phone) connect to the hub wirelessly so one less cable to worry...

djbe17 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline not working

Hi - hoping to get help from the VM team via this post. Our landline has not been working for the past few days - no dial tone, can’t make or receive calls.Online service status check on VM website says no known issues. Advice on best next steps woul...

dh1102 by Joining in
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No phone connection via hub

Hi, I have a Panasonic cordless phone and it is not working via the hub . I’ve checked connections and rebooted the hub but still nothing. I can ring my home number and get a connected noise from the phone I’m calling from but my home phone does not ...

MBPB1972 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline number change

How quick and easy is it to change your Virgin landline number and is there a charge for doing this? I want to stop (or at least reduce) the number of nuisance calls I am currently receiving on my landline.

Peanuts1 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Phone socket

I have one phone socket in my bedroom that no longer works. I would like to have the phone downstairs. Would an engineer be able to sort this out?

Resolved! Phoneline is cutting off mid call

Hi,I'm hoping someone can help me here.We have been having issues ever since we moved over to the new hub fed phone system.The phone line is not very clear, and then for some reason, starts clicking, and after a few minutes it then cuts off. The phon...

Sheebs65 by Tuning in
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Resolved! No landline phone service

Yesterday (26th Oct), and with no warning whatsoever, I lost all my VM services. My broadband and TV came back on after a few hours but I am still unable to use my landline phone: the line is completely ‘dead'. I then discovered that there had been ‘...

wren by Tuning in
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New adapter for Hub3 not working

I have a new Hub3 which was set up a couple of weeks back and works OK for the internet but I received a new phone adapter a couple of days back that I plugged into the top port of the hub as instructed but it dosen't work. No dial tone or green phon...

redeye2 by Joining in
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