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Fibre phone adaptor

I have been sent the new fibre phone adaptor that I did not want firstly. The set up I had was perfectly fine. My hub is upstairs and my phone line connection is downstairs! I now have no phone line as I cannot connect it up and virgin media will not...

S_A by Joining in
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My Home Phone Adapter / Connector Never Arrived

I remember getting the letter saying "Your adapter... etc..." but the adapter itself has not arrived, so I cannot plug my phone into the Hub, and lost all service on the 6th. If anyone can help with this, I'd be grateful. HA 

Hiyah by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline

is there a problem with landline - no dial tone and gives busy signal when called.

Viv12 by Joining in
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Contact Virgin media

I want to retain my existing landline number and have been told my my previous provider to contact Virgin to ensure the number is carried forward. However, I can’t see any way of contacting Virgin - the app punts me to the Virgin community every time...

_Jon_ by Joining in
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Resolved! No landline dial tone

Hello our router Has been installed a few days ago, we have connected our landline phone 2 days ago, it was ok, after 2 days we decided to change phone connection cable for long one 10m, unfortunately it is doesn’t work anymore, we have tried to retu...

No land line

My land line went totally dead a couple of weeks ago . Ive done a service check and it says everything is OK. Every time I've tried ringing customer services ive been on hold for well over a hour 

Walt83 by Joining in
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Fibre Phone

I have connected the new adaptor to the back of the hub and have a green phone light on. But I have no dialling tone on the phone. What do I need to do?

STMc1970 by Joining in
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No dial tone on wall socket or dongle

Hi,We have been sent our dongle for the landline but get neither a tone through our old wall box or through the new dongle. Although we've had the dongle for a few weeks now we haven't been told to switch so the change may not have been made. Can I f...