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Resolved! Adaptor for home phone for Hub 5

I have just received and sucessfully installed the Hub 5.  I cannot install my home phone as I have a Female RJ11 to Male BT Telephone Extension Cable and need an adaptor to connect the phone to the hub. Do VM supply this and can I be provided with o...

Jeffberg01 by On our wavelength
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21cv switchover nightmare (Business)

12/01/23 - PHONE: Contacted sales team to renew/upgrade existing business package which contained broadband, phone & second phone. The upgrade keeps all existing services mentioned above with migrating both existing telephone numbers to 21CV. 02/02/2...

Malik_23 by Joining in
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Need phone adaptor

Hi,I have just received and successfully installed the Hub 5.  However, I cannot install my home phone yet because no adaptor was provided in the box.Please can you send me a BT socket to RJ11 plug adaptor so we can connect our phone to the hub.Thank...

401g by Tuning in
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Resolved! New hub for land line

I received a letter telling me I needed a new hub to continue using my landline.I rang spoke to a young lady,no disrespect to here but she hadn’t a clue what I was on about,after 30 mins she said she was transferring me to a different department I wa...

dave60h by Joining in
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No Land line

Have no land line. Have checked phone by changing hand set so definitely problem with the line.Virgin service check says there is no problem.How do I report this with out waiting hours on the mobile which is PAYG so is not compatible with the task

Enohpon by Tuning in
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Resolved! Home phone number frustration

I am getting sick and tired of empty promises about getting my old landline number back, i have been trying for 3 months to get it back and had numerous promises and assured numerous times that i would be contacted if there was any problems. The late...

Resolved! Landline not ringing

Our landline has stopped ringing when a call comes in. If I ring the landline from a mobile I can hear it ringing on the mobile and the call connects when I answer it but the landline phone does not ring. I’m unsure how long this has been an issue bu...

Steeney by Joining in
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