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Resolved! I dont want a phone in the same room as the router

My router is in my Lounge with my TV which is not VM TV. My telephone main base unit, with answerphone, is in the studio, with other wireless units in the kitchen and on the first floor.My Broadband and telephone are split at the outside VM box. Broa...

Few queries on new fibre landline users

Is there any option to take landline calls through an app on a mobile?Are corded landlines powered by the router? Does anyone have TP-Link and does that present any issues?

MCR1894 by Joining in
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Resolved! Transfer of landline number to existing account

We already have a Virgin Media account with a landline number that we rarely use. We have decided to cancel our BT account and transfer our BT number to Virgin Media. BT informed us that we needed to wait until our account was closed to request that ...

rpwithey by Tuning in
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Landline fibre switchover

Hi, maybe a member of the forum team could answer this.I’ve received no information on the fibre switchover on my landline and wish to know when this will happen for me in my area. I am particularly concerned as the landline is used for my business a...

CYK1 by Joining in
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Extend ring time on landline

Hi. Would it be possible to extend the ring time on a virgin landline. This is not my landline but my dads who is quite elderly. It is only ringing about 5times before the voice-mail clicks in and he does not always manage to get to the phone in time...

Lelli by Tuning in
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How do I attach my phone to the VM hub?

How do I attach 2 landline phones, one upstairs & the other downstairs, to my VM hub. for my disabled husband, who cannot use a mobile phone, to access in emergencies? 

Home phone not working - require adapter

Himy home phone no longer works (can’t receive incoming or make out going calls).  I’m presuming it’s down to the changeover but I’ve never received an adapter to allow me to plug the phone into the hub. Can one please be sent out.ThanksLisa   

Phone Line not working

I can't ring in or out via my home line. I have tried other house phones and wire and nothing seems to work. If I ring my house line is just one long beep.There is no problems with the internet  just home line