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Resolved! Unable to make or receive calls on my land line

For a number of weeks I've been unable to make or receive calls and when someone tries calling the land line they get an engaged tone. I've tried the check service status on a number of occasions with nothing showing as being wrong. Can you help plea...

JoseW by Joining in
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Landline call logs

Can i get the past two months call logs incoming and outgoing from my virgin landline i need these for a dispute 

Resolved! No Caller ID

I had an issue with my landline recently whereby I could hear what a caller was saying but they could only hear static in place of my voice.An engineer visited today and discovered it was an issue with where my connection was sited in the junction bo...

Blue70 by Joining in
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Phone line to fibre

Good evening everyone. I have two questions regarding the switching of phone lines to fibre1, my hub runs in modem only mode and is located in my loft space as it is housed inside my it cabinet/rack with my network and my phone socket is on the groun...

BT Premium phone no longer works after switchover

Apologies if this issue has been raised already. I've seen a similar thread on this phone but it seemed to be about different issue.I've had this home phone for years and it was working fine until the switchover to the fibre network a couple weeks ag...

myss by Up to speed
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Moving landline to new Hub

Hello. I have received email, text and letter about the landline being switched over to go via the hub instead of via the traditional copper lines. It says I need to phone up to see if I need to book a technician (which i don't as my main phone on th...

Hub connector

My landline is no longer connected . How do I get a hub connector please/

Bt number Port

Hi,My business is still waiting for VM to port our number from BT, VM did try on Fri 20 Jan but apparantly there is a sercurity code on the line.  I rang BT who assured me that this is not the case. VM should have tryed again on Mon 6 Feb but I had n...

Jules04 by Joining in
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Unable to make or receive calls on landline

For two weeks now I have been unable to make or receive calls from my virgin media landline. I have contacted VM from my mobile and was promised an adaptor to plug into my hub. This has still not arrived!!Can someone please sort it out quickly.It now...

BARouse by Tuning in
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