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Hub 3 phone

Can anyone help I’ve plugged my phone into the hub 3 it works fine but the extensions won’t connect to the base unit they just keep searching and then fail to connect they all worked fine before 

How to report land line not working

Hello,I can't ring 150 because my land line isn't working. Nowhere I can see to report online.Service status showing no issues in my area.How do I get virgin media to fix my line? It's a plug in the socket connection. I have tried taking the front of...

johnsusan by On our wavelength
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Unable to port 5-digit landline number to Virgin?

Evening,I'm looking to sign up for broadband and phone with Virgin but have been advised that it's not possible to port my landline number from Sky to Virgin as it's a 5 digit number and Virgin numbers are 6 digits.Is that right?It seems hard to beli...

Resolved! Transfer phone from Plusnet

I ordered VM broadband & phone transferring my existing phone number from Plusnet, VM informed Plusnet and all was well, that is until VM started delaying my go live date, after a number of changes I’ve moved the transfer with Plusnet. However I’ve n...

drodgers by Dialled in
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No dial tone

Hi, our landline suddenly stopped working today - no dial tone, just crackles.  We have followed all of the usual suggestions. Virgin’s system check says there are no issues with our home phone, and we are going round in circles online between variou...

RobinG by Tuning in
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Number porting

I'm a new customer and took out internet and landline with VM. I was with Sky before and so far I'm already regretting my choice to leave because absolutely nothing has been straightforward, my connection is fast but drops out for no reason multiple ...

KirstyHT by Joining in
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Phone switch over to fibre

Just spent an infuriating hour on the phone to India 'support'   I got a letter saying my phone would be switched over to fibre on 13th April -  plugged my phone in last night and nothing - my normal wall socket is still working so how can that be if...

robs27 by Joining in
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