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Resolved! Noisy landline and dead line

Hi AyishaYou asked me to let you know how I got on with my landline problem.Today, I received a call on my landline (it had been dead since Saturday/Sunday last). It was my daughter but it was difficult to hear what she was saying and bits of our con...

AnneMou64 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! No dial tone

Hi, I have no dial tone on my landline phone. I have tried a different phone in the socket but it didn't help. It's a basic corded phone, not a cordless. Completely dead, no noise at all. Main socket only, no ext sockets. Service statistics checks th...

Phone service change - alarm

HiI'll be moving to the ip phone soon. Couple of weeks away... I have an alarm that currently plugs in to the phone line also.Can I use a splitter on the new adapter to plug in my phone and also my alarm line ?Thanks

Gozzie3 by Tuning in
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Phone adaptor

Hi I have never had a letter or a adaptor for my phone. Could please tell me how I can get one, as I have no home phone.

Landline fault

I do not have any landline connection. There is a message on my phone saying 'Please check the line cord'. I have checked my 'phones and cannot see any wiring or connection faults or breaks

land line

ok have been messed around for a couple of weeks now land line not working rang up and explained  every thing and was told the best solution was to send me a adaptor for phone and plug it into the router, she said she has set it up and has ordered th...

james1947 by On our wavelength
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Phone line not working

Hi there.My land line hasn’t been working for several months now. I’ve gone through the process of checks. The landline is now connected directly into the main socket but still with no dial tone. Having read many community feeds I see that this has b...

Resolved! Is there a landline fault at my postcode?

Hi,We have discovered this morning (18th Jan) that all of our phones both corded and cordless are dead and saying check phone line. We have done all the advised stuff such as unplugging everything and then trying different phones on the master socket...

rickgreen by On our wavelength
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No land line since start October

Since the start of October my land line hasn’t been working.Week in week out I get excuse after excuse. Iv had a number of technicians come to my house and swap out all equipment even advising me to buy a new house phone which Iv done and still no go...

EwanR5 by Joining in
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