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Home fibre switch over

Since switching to fibre landline my house phone isn’t working after a few minutes making a call the phone cuts out after 2-10 minutes average, does anyone know why this is happening? I’ve tried rebooting and that hasn’t helped I’ve unplugged it all ...

June2023 by Joining in
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Voice mail not working

Hi, my landline voicemail not working. Just rings out, no invitation to leave a message. Tried calling 150 to no avail. I see other people had similar but no solution posted

Can I plug my phone into the Virgin early?

Hi everyone!I have now received a telephone adaptor from Virgin ready for the switchover, but with the adaptor there were instructions but no switchover date. Am I able to move the telephone over now (so I don't miss calls on whichever date my switch...

RPSPNP by Tuning in
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Landline disconnected

Discovered two weeks ago when I came home from a stay in hospital that my landline has been disconnected. Logged into app where I found a message saying "thank you for making changes to your package" - landline and broadband were both disconnected. I...

CP23 by Joining in
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Unable to redirect calls from landline

Just about pulling my hair out with this one. I’ve already phoned virgin twice about this, and I can’t bear to go through it all again.I can’t redirect calls from my landline to my mobile.the online guide tells me I have to:dial *70 followed by the f...

Card08 by Joining in
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Landline dead - Mother needs it!

Sorry if this has been asked about before, but a few weeks ago my mother lost the use of her Virgin Media landline. It is just dead - No dial tone or anything. She has tried and tried to get in touch with Virgin to fix the problem, and the website ju...

Home Phone Calls Dropping Out

When using my home phone the line drops out. There is a click, a second of silence and then call ends. When I ring number again, it connects immediately but then drops out again after a time. This can be 20 seconds into a call or 20 mins into a call....

gjpitter by Joining in
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