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Landline not working

Good AfternoonNo dial tone,checked all the sockets and all connected. Broadband is fine. No Number to call,no webchat available,so this seems like the only other option.Thanks  

MAR3 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline phone number

Just been connected to Virgin. Everything is up and running but how do I access my new landline phone number..I have virgin landline with no number

Phone line disconnected

My phone line has been disconnected for nearly 4 weeks. Virgin sent me an email detailing i would be switched over from land line to voip which i deleted in error. Reported the fault and the sent me a new Hub 3 which never came with the phone cable o...

Landline not ringing after number ported over

I've just had my landline number ported over. I can ring out, all ok but when the number is rung, the landline will not ring in the house. It rang before with the VM number I was given before the port. Any ideas please 

landline not working

No dial tone, checked all the sockets and all correctly connected. Broadband is fine. No number to call, no webchat available so this seems like the only other option? 

whitley4 by Joining in
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Call Charges—CRIKEY

Yesterday I spent about an hour on the phone to VM trying to sort out a VM billing querie. I thought calls to VM from a VM landline we’re free but it seems 03454 541111 is not, is this correct as my wallet is now almost £11, that’s correct, £10.80 to...

Ronnie52 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Fibre phones

Can someone advise me I have had email saying my phoneline will stop working on 10th July no year so assume 2023. I thought this was happening in 2025.I have the following questions:1. No phone near the hub and no where to put one which would be easy...

Heather by Joining in
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fibre landline

so i never recieved a letter about the switchover date, i have a email that states the 29/4 and the 16/5 , I am now not able to make calls on the current landline but can recieve, I have set up the new landline into the router and there is no dial to...

scashman by Joining in
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Landline not working

Our home phone has not worked since Saturday and I rely on this as i am a carer for my elderly mother who lives nearby.  Order of events so far:1. I tried to report it Saturday but without the 150 facility this is difficult/ seemingly impossible to s...

Berllan14 by On our wavelength
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