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Resolved! landline switch to modem, phones not ringing.

Since the switch to digital landline using my Hub 3 connection to my existing telephone points, one of my phones no longer rings on incoming calls, I can make calls. Tried another wired handset and all phone jacks give same result. Handsets are both ...

Jayktee by Tuning in
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Landline number lost

Hi there... I transferred over from SKY to VM in early July and my landline number has not been transferred over.... can anyone help ? Thanks

Robmcg11 by Joining in
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Resolved! Incorrect Landline Number following transfer

Hi,On the 19/02/22 I asked Virgin to transfer my old BT landline number. This was processed and the £25 fee will be applied to my next bill, I have given the process a week to complete, per the instructions I was emailed. However, my landline number ...

ACH60 by Joining in
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Landline disconnected

My incoming cable had to be replaced several months ago and my landline was physically disconnected but no engineer returned to reconnect. Can one be arranged through here I don’t have the patience to sit through all the automated messages and being ...

Resolved! Land line not working correctly due to loose wires in box on wall

My landline cut out last night.I checked the  wired .box on the wall and noticed that there were two disconnected/loose  wires, I tried plugging the phone  into the socket on the right hand side INSIDE  the box itself and the main phone worked but an...

alice10 by On our wavelength
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Too Many Marketing calls

For the last 4 - 5 weeks Virgin have ben calling my landline number daily to do an account review. The calls are from 08000521251 and seem genuine as they were able to provide me with account data. All they did was try to upsell and not save me money...

No Home Phone Line

Anybody else having problems with their home phone line in Old Windsor?  Keep getting "please check line cord" message on phone since Friday morning.

CPax by Tuning in
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Unexpected charged

My 85 year old father has started being charged for an alarm call on his landline , has anyone got any idea how to cancel it as over the course of a month he has been charged £30 on top of his payment plan

landline charges for calls i didn't make

  my recent bill has charges for phone calls that was not made from anyone in my household.ive been wth virgin media for a while and we just dont use the landline at all so i dont know how these calls are being made via my account

virgin landline calls.JPG virgin landline calls 2.JPG
drakey96 by Tuning in
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Landline dead

Landline suddenly went dead 3 months ago.have checked and double checked phone, cables and the connection in the white virgin media cable box. Unable to get any help from virgin - anyone any ideas as to next move?

dabt by Joining in
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