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Service status last night said problem with landline

last night had no landline looked at service status said problem in your area, got text saying now working and i still had no landline. then service status came up again and said problem in your area. again got message saying now working but still no...

Timp57 by Joining in
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How do I add call divert on landline?

Please can you advise how to add call divert as a service for my landline. I am out of the country aat the moment, but will be able to get someone else to call the divert number when I have set up the service. 

zoemag by Joining in
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Phones in S5 - Vulnerable customer yet again NO service

What is wrong with the landlines in S5. Yet again the phone has been off since Friday, status checker says there isn’t a problem, so can’t register an issue. Several neighbours also off, so I know this is not isolated to myself.   Seems to be a recur...

rachl by Tuning in
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Block OUTGOING premium calls ?

Hi... Is there a way to  stop OUTGOING calls to premium rate  numbers from our landline ? ,,, someone in our house is calling directory enquiries 118500      and last call racked up over £28  !!

another fibre phone problem

Like many others we have been requested to book an engineer for the change to fibre phone, seemingly we need a new hub as ours has no phone line connection and also we have three phones in various parts of the house. We are in our late 70's and my wi...

Landline not working

No dial tone and incoming calls don’t work. Service Status says phone is working although I haven’t been updated via text. Tried to report via website but all the links go round in circles and don’t actually allow me to report a fault 

pg1811 by Joining in
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Landline not working in wall socket or hub

Dear VM,My landline phone has been not working for many weeks now, and every time I phone VM I get sent round in circles with people telling me there may be a problem in my area, but weeks and weeks have passed with no improvement.There is no phone l...

Landline not working

Tried to ring 150. No dialling tone. Tried ringing in from a mobile says user busy. Any clues? Checked us things from previous posts

IGP by Tuning in
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Resolved! Voicemail - turn off

HiHow do I turn off the voicemail that is linked to my landline?  We have our own answer machine (so we can screen calls) so don't want the VM one as well.ThanksAlan

Madal by Joining in
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No phone again

For the third time in just one week the phone line is dead again, service is totally unacceptable. I am now starting to get seriously annoyed with Virgin, provide the service we pay for or will go to an alternative provider. Constant issues with the ...

TheGrims by Joining in
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