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LANDLINE is going straight to answerphone and I do not know how to access to change or remove this feature.Weird thing is that I can still make outgoing phone calls with no problem.Anyone with any ideas please?Many thanks in advance!

Resolved! Porting BT number to VM - New Contract

I am considering taking out a new Broadband + Home Phone contract with VM, bringing over my current BT number. The online form allows me to request this at time of ordering, however, my preference is to start the porting process after my broadband is...

gilbo2 by Dialled in
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Home phone has never worked

Started new contract with VM on 12/02/2024, since then home phone has never worked.  Prior to contract start date, text sent to me saying I was getting a new phone number.  No dialing tone and no calls in or out available.  Reported to CS (Priyanka) ...

TWhite1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline Cabling Question

I have a question if I may, about my landline phone and the cabling.Due to the price of the Virgin Media services I have, when my contract ends this year, I want to downgrade my services. One thing I want to do, is lose my landline, and then connect ...

polik by On our wavelength
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Digital Phone Switchover again

Hi,I've received the notification of the Digital Switchover via email. This morning I also took a very confusing call on the subject from someone who may have been a representative of Virgin Media but who said he didn't have access to the "three char...

Denali by Dialled in
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All incoming calls being sent to voicemail??

Hi, Since early this morning all incoming calls to my landline, have gone straight through to voicemail, with no attempt to try to actually connect to me. I can call out off of the line ok, and no changes have been made since yesterday when the phone...

ajf33 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Need adaptor to set up landline

Hii have not set up a landline before but I need one set up ASAPI notice the connection in the back of the router which says telephone is smaller than what comes with telephones.Do I need an adaptor? if so, please can I be sent one urgently? I want t...

Annie283 by Tuning in
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Can we get landline without calls package on M125 broadband?

Does M125 broadband include landline phone service? Website only shows two options: Broadband Only (with no mention in details of any phone service) & Call Packages. We want neither. We just want the M125 inc landline, where any calls would be charge...

Mergin by Joining in
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Re: Landline keeps cutting off after 15 minutes!

I am having the same issue as Tarquinisme, after about 15 minutes, my phone drops the connection. It has only started to do this recently.I use a Panasonic KX-TGJ420E phone, it says it is DECT in the manual and is powered because it has a built in an...

foggy69 by Joining in
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Static noise on the landline

For the past week, my phone landline has been unusable due to static noise/crackling.I have checked all the cabling to and from the wall socket. I even bought a basic phone to check that it wasn't my normal phone giving up the ghost.I can't call 150 ...

zeno_swe by Joining in
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