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Resolved! Landline not working again

Could you please help? Please can someone help?For the third time my landline doesn't work. The engineer comes out, fixes a different issue goes away. It will work for two weeks and then the fault returns.Always the same fault. When making or receivi...

SammieC1 by Tuning in
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Landline down for fourth time since September

The Engineers that have been out to rectify this, two have said that the box in the road is open with wires exposed,of which I was aware. They advised that water is therefore getting in and affecting the line. Landline is dead. Please can an appointm...

Digital phone line upgrade

I've recently been upgraded to the Virgin CV21 digital phone line which now means I have to have my existing analogue handset base plugged into my router in my lounge. I don't currently want my landline phone in my lounge, is there an alternative I c...

spotty22 by Tuning in
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Resolved! automatic compensation

Hi folks, can someone help me with the 3 questions I have<span;>1. I lost full service of my phone line, then a week later lost full service of my broadband. I was told my automatic compensation only starts 2 days after my phone and broadband was los...

nazcom by Joining in
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Removing landline

I have broadband and phone but I never use the phone can I remove the phone from my contract?

Keithf86 by Joining in
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Resolved! VOIP DECT causing interference to soundbar

We had to connect our DECT phone to the virgin hub  for VOIP after the line socket suddenly died some months back. This locates it in close proximity to the hub, which is causing interference with the bluetooth subwoofer's connection to our soundbar....

nigelad by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline out

My landline and hub are in different locations. I have been trying to get an engineer visit without any success.My questions are1 If and when an engineer comes is there a way to fix it without running cable between the hub and landline?              ...

canary5 by Tuning in
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I was sent the adapter like everyone else but my landline phone no longer works. I’ve tried it different ways. I had a single phone socket and an extension cable to my actual phone. But now nothing works. 

Boxer971 by Joining in
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Resolved! Sky Customers Unable to Call Virgin Media VOIP

Fellow VM customers,Since November friends and family with Sky mobiles (or landlines) have been unable to call my VM VOIP line. (The telephone is connected to our VM hub).Making calls is no problem. It appears that numbers from other phone providers ...

OverAndOut by On our wavelength
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just received a letter re-increased to the monthly bill. I am on talk weekends and the basic package of  tv monthly cost is £23 and they are going to increase this by £11 .. does anyone else think this a lot