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Phone chord

Message to Mattew_ml.All now working since Sat pm as with neighbours phone. Do i still need engineer?

CWool by Joining in
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Resolved! fibrephone

Since the changeover to fibrephone I have lost my ringtone  for incoming calls. I am able to make outgoing calls OK but have not received any incoming , or rather I have but have been unaware of them!  Any advice and help would be appreciated.Also, i...

Cannot get support for home phone fault

My home phone is not working. I had called the 0345 454 1111 support line and got to the point where i am told they are running some tests and to call back in 10 minutes, tap in my home phone number and I will be able to get the results straight away...

Resolved! Landline no dial tone

My landline is not working so can't phone 151Website does not appear to have means there to contact and report so can't report.Am I just expected to wait and hope it gets fixed with no contact?

dnpark38 by Knows their stuff
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No land line yet

My TV, Broadband, Phone package was installed yesterday with the land line transferring from BT. The land line is not working.  This is very important because we have a Life Line installed for a dementia sufferer.

Resolved! Landline not working

For the last few days my landlone hasn't been working, no dial tone, can't make or receive calls. Same with my elderly patents landline. I am not concerned about my own as I'm moving over to Sky next week and getting rid of my landline. My parents, h...

RainyB by Tuning in
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HUB 3: INCOMING CALLS not coming through - again!!!!

INCOMING CALLS problem is a big problem - again. Most incoming calls now do not show who the caller is and when answered there is no tone. We have to check 1471 to find out who it was and to then call them back. Happens on incoming mobile and land li...

colmax by Dialled in
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Number port query

Would Virgin be able to port a number from Firstcom Europe (previously known as voip.co.uk), to my existing Virgin line?The number was originally from BT and was ported to voip around 2007.If yes, is this something that can be arraged through the for...

dave_dph by Superfast
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Resolved! Landline Switch to Fibre

The planned date for my landline to be switched to fibre is 25 days away. I have not received an adapter yet - should I worry yet?Like a few of you, my hub is quite some distance from my existing phone/power socket so will need about 15 metres of ext...

DudleyS by Joining in
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Resolved! Ghost calls Virgin landline

I signed up with Virgin in September and ever since I receive multiple ghost calls every day recorded on my phones call list. They are all  from "No Number" and the phone does not ring, the only way I am aware is when the "call list" alerts it is ful...

SGGC by On our wavelength
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