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We're updating your Emergency Backup Line

My elderly mum (80+) had Virgin Media install fibre phone last September, the setup didn't work for her so she had to get them to re-do it (at her cost!), now she has received a letter (01/03/2023) stating that as part of ongoing improvements for ove...

Crackling Noise Landline

Like a few other users here, I hear very loud crackling noises in my landline phone. All the suggestions on the help and support page do not help. The issue is ongoing and has been preventing me from using the landline for several weeks. There is app...

Home phone line not working

Hi,After a recent engineer visit where he boosted speed from the cabinet due to some issue, our home line connected to wall box is not working with no dial tones or incoming calls.How do I report the issue? 

a19 by Tuning in
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Confirmation of engineer vist

Hi,I wanted to check to see if the engineer I booked to resolve my home phone issue is coming today please?I booked the engineer visit between 8am and 12pm.Thanks,James

Sceppico by Tuning in
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Phone line broken again (GU31)

My landline has stopped working again. The symptoms are identical to the last time this happened, i.e. every number I ring is engaged and anyone calling me gets disconnected when I answer.See this thread: https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Home-Pho...

maxlugg by Dialled in
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2nd wi-fi enabled landline phone in home?

A Virgin Media engineer recently visited my elderly mother's house and set up her landline phone so that it works directly via the Hub, rather than using the old wall socket. That works fine, but the additional landline phone in her bedroom (also con...

No phone line. 8 June ongoing

Can someone help me.  Recently Virgin carried out some work around the Rossendale area (Wednesday I think).Now we have no phone line.  Can't make calls, can't receive them.  It was working fine the other day.  Can someone from Virgin contact me on he...

Mr_Happy by On our wavelength
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Can't respond to text message about Number Port

Hi,I have recently signed up to Virgin media and have recieved a text from 07445576718 about transferring my home phone number.It asks me to reply to the text with CHAT, but when I try this the message fails to send. I don't have issues with sending ...

Switch over day! Line is dead…

Switch over day has arrived for us and the hubs gui says telephony is ready, great I thought. The problem is that the new line is completely dead and the old analogue line is still active. I tried two different phones and two different adapters to co...

risc19 by Well-informed
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