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Caller Divert not working since the switch over

Have been with Virgin media ever since it was Yorkshire Cable years back and never had a problem this one is winding me up with the same response on every occasion people that just read of a script.When i was originally contacted by virgin media that...

Mikebow by Joining in
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Virgin Landline Phone with no internet connection

Hey,My Grandma has Virgin TV and Landline phone, but no broadband (she's nearly 90 so missed the whole internet thing!).  I know the analogue switch off is due to happen December 2025 but her neighbour has had news that it is happening much earlier o...

GaryC52 by Joining in
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Resolved! Change Engineer Appointment

Hi All,Recieved notification on my phone this morning of an Engineer appointment on Friday. The text asked me to reply CHANGE if I wasn't available. Unfortunately Friday is my Husband's funeral, so needless to say I'm not available.Texted CHANGE and ...

Resolved! No dial tone

My parents landline hasn't been working for three days now.Basically there is no dial tone and also when we phone into the landline from a mobile it rings the mobile side but no sound from the landline, 9 out of 10 times. When it does ring, it rings ...

Landline - Not receiving incoming or outgoing calls

Hi,My landline is not able to receive or make calls, this has been going on for a few months now. I have tried multiple phones and also sockets but same issue persists. I have tried both connecting it via the Hub and connecting via the main socket bu...

mo712004 by Joining in
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Phone line switched off and no router adapter supplied.

I was asked by VM to plug my phone into my BB router using an adapter you would supply.You have failed to supply me with the adapter and the phone no longer functions.I am a vunerable customer as indicated on my account and I no longer have a landlin...

Bezzaman by Tuning in
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VOIP connections

My 98 year old mother has just been upgraded to VOIP.Her previous telephones were 3 x conventional phones, one in the lounge, one in the hall and one in the bedroom, plus a Carecall system, wired using conventional BT sockets.The VOIP phone is plugge...

Landline not working

Hi  We are on day three without a working home phone and I really do not know where to go. Phoning Virgin we get automated message telling us there is a fault and engineers are working on it. Phone a few hours later and no fault. Get through to an op...

rifleman by Dialled in
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landline not working because our number hasn't been ported

hi,we recently chose to come back to your service as we originally left several years back when the price became too expensive, we ended up plumping with TalkTalk as they were cheaper, except they messed up our landline (callers tended to go direct t...


My landline isn't working - no dialling tone, no incoming calls

I have no landline phone service.  I called the so called customer service via my virgin mobile phone a few days ago and was told I would be contacted  within 24 hours.  I have received no contact .  So I dialled 150 on my mobile and got to an automa...