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I do not use the landline; my broadband is via the wifi Hub, why am I being charged for landline when I only use mobile phone?

LJ63 by Joining in
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Phone Landline disconnected 27th March

My Phone Land line has been disconnected since 27th March and now having trouble trying to arrange for an engineer to visit to perform the migration.  Tried using the website to create an appointment but just goes around in circles.Can you help ?

Landline issue and unable to log issue

Another person posted the same issue with the landline. Mine isn’t working, same issue, not equipment.trying to log issue for technician to be booked and I’m going round in circles on the siteive not had the landline working now for over a month as I...

Landline is not working

My landline phone is not working.I cannot make or receive any phonecalls.I would like to know the possible reason and how to fix it.

yuki2111 by Joining in
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Scam calls

I have not disclosed my phone number to my own family so please explain how I got a scam call from Amazon on my landline?

Landline not working

Hi thereAfter a recent power cut in our area my landline has stopped working completely, no tone, not able to make or receive calls.I have tried unplugging and plugging everything, bought a new phone thinking it maybe the handset itself, nothing has ...

Pauline_ by Joining in
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Caller display stopped working

I have spoken to Virgin customer service regarding my caller display not working. I have been informed that an adapter is being sent out so that I can plug my landline into the back of my super router 3.I’m told that my landline is not noisy, so will...

Resolved! CRACKLING PHONE LINE after new Virgin installation

hi,  I had a new broadband installation on 14th February & my phone line was also switched and  my existing number was kept but the phone line has has a terrible loud crackling noise which is constant which makes phone calls  a bit unbearable. The en...

Annie37 by Tuning in
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Resolved! No VOIP phone for three weeks

Hi,My switch over date to the new phone service is the 13th April, the hub is upstairs and can’t be moved whilst the phone is downstairs. So phoned Virgin yesterday to request for an engineer to come out as offered in the rollout letter. The agent i ...

hibbo by Tuning in
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Landline missed calls

Since joining Virgin a few days ago I keep getting missed calls messages although the phone hasn’t ring, when I check to see who has tried to ring it shows no number. On average I get 15 so called calls a day.I have spoken to virgin who deny its thei...