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Landline - Not Working

Noticed our landline was not working last evening (Sunday). No dial tone. Inbound calls ring but do not connect when answered. Contacted support this morning, rather difficult to understand each other. Initially, she said there was no fault she could...

ACundy by Tuning in
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Virgin Media Fibre Phone Service

I received an email advising that on 30th August my home phone will switch to Virgin's Fibre Network. I will need to book a technician to make changes to the wiring in my home as I have 4 extensions. Also I do not have a mobile phone. I have looked o...

Calling 0330 numbers from Landline

Are calls to 0330 numbers free?  I recently had occasion to contact my energy supplier and was a bit surprised to see that I have been charged £7.50 for the call.  It was a long one!  I've been told that calls to 0330 numbers should be free.  Can any...

ALH by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline not working

Landline completely dead. No sound for incoming calls, no dial tone to make calls (cordless handset). Have also tested line with corded phone which makes no difference.Also have Emergency Care System connected which is not functioning. That is my lif...

Resolved! Adaptor.technician needed@

My caller display wasn't working on Friday so I spoke to a lovely Virgin media lady in Bangalore. She has ordered an adaptor but accompanied by a technician. If it just plugs in do I need a man /lady to plug it in?Paul.

crusha by On our wavelength
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landline dead

My landline has been dead for months and i haven't been able to report it.I have dialled 150 and entered all the details required only to be hung up and telling me the report will be ready in 10 minutes. When i call back i go through the loop again, ...

desmond1 by Joining in
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Virgin Media don't care - even for vulnerable

 This is the review i posted on Trustpilot:Virgin Media failed to port my 79 year old mum's landline number leaving her for two weeks without friends, family or medical professionals being able to contact her.I have spent hours trying to get someone ...

Dionne4 by Joining in
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Home phone dead

My mother’s and our own landlines have stopped working today.Both of our phones are plugged into the traditional sockets.my mother is almost 90 and I need this contact with her so the matter is urgent  

Royley1 by Joining in
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landline dead

landline dead checked with neighbour also dead service status says no problems

lesanon by Joining in
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Appointment update

Hi,I asked for an engineer to attend to move my phone line to the boundary line.the engineer attended but he could not complete the work and a dig team would be needed.how do I get an update on this?Thanks