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Telephone migration with existing Hub 3.0

I have received a letter this morning telling me that VM need to replace my existing Hub for the telephony switchover to VoIP.As I have a Hub 3.0 and use it exclusively in MODEM mode. Do VM really need to swap out my Hub? Apart from the expense to VM...

Wendolene by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Still waiting for phone adapter

In January, following a letter from VMO2 about the phone switchover, I called the helpline and as a result I was sent a new hub in preparation for the phone switchover scheduled for the end of March.  I installed the Hub 4 myself and it is working fi...

New hub for change to fibre?

I have just received a letter saying I need a new hub for the change to fibre but I have a Hub 3.0 with 2 RJ45 connectors marked TEL1 and TEL2 so do I really need a new hub?

landline not working

can virgin please tell me why my Panasonic phone model kx tgb610e does not receive incoming calls please do not advise me to unplug or trawl around your website etc as I have spent days doing all that and still does not work, I would like a technicia...

murr by Settling in
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Resolved! How do I move my landline from VM to BT?

As in the subject lineHow do I move my landline phone number from VM to BT?I've had enough of VM price hikes for repeats and no new contentI can get all the entertainment I want from streaming services for freeI will be cancelling all my services onc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Phone line not working

Hi VMPosting on behalf of elderly mother-in-law who is house bound and has a home call fall monitor linked through phone line.Discovered earlier today that Phone line is not allowing incoming/outgoing calls and there is no dialling tone out. When dia...

Nik_B by On our wavelength
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landline issues

Letter recieved from virgin told to use livechat but when load page no chat available 1471 and 1571 not working was told early December would be fixed on 19th Dec by 15.30 and low and behold diddly squat happened not my home phone but my 87 year old ...

esox1112 by Joining in
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Your phone service is changing

Chbange coming in May. However information says unplug landline cable , install new adapter in hub and connect landline cable. Problem : Hub is in the lounge and landline cable is in kitchen - how am I to coneect the cable to the hub?

Home Phone With to 21CV

Hi,I have recently been swapped over to 'digital' home phone connection (via a Hub 3) in my wifes flat in Perth. The current handset is a Beocom 2 with an analogue Beoline PSTN base station and has worked with the old analogue line since installed.Th...

johnfken by Joining in
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