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Telephony disabled on Hub 3

After reading through the forums it seems like this is a common issue and needs the telephony enabled remotely.Could someone pm me and I'll pass on my account number?Thanks.

21CV phone switch gone wrong

Like many people here my parents got a letter to say there line is getting ported over to the 21cv system.  As they have extensions around the home I called and they booked an engineer for them to be wired into the hub on the day of the switch.  The ...

Resolved! Fibre ohone

Not sure what to do. My hub is upstairs, my phone downstairs. How can we connect to the fibre phone. We are in our 80’s and need the phone downstairs. The phone is cordless but needs to be standing in the well to keep it charged up.  Just can’t get t...

Landline - No incoming calls

A common problem by the looks of things and as a day old VM user, I have this issue.Modern DECT phone Ren 1, connected to HUB 5 via an adaptor. Outgoing calls possible, but not able to receive incoming calls. All connections checked, HUB rebooted and...

JJ16 by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone says "check your phone line"

Our phone is currently showing the message "check your phone line".  There are no known issues showing for our area.  Not sure how to progress this!

Resolved! Unable to call mobiles from my landline

Since coming across to virgin I have been unable to call some mobiles from my landlines, it just gives you the engaged tone even if I have the mobile in my hand, I rang before about it and I don't know what they did but it worked, now it's off again....

gjbrent by Joining in
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Landline dead

My landline has been dead for 2 days, and I can find no way of reporting this to Virgin media via the website - it just takes me round in circles. I have checked all the connections etc as advised, and have spent hours on the phone trying to get thro...

Heathery by Joining in
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landline fibre changeover

Email  received regarding change over. My home phone is situated downstairs and the hub up stairs. Furthermore no sockets available where phone is situated. Need a technician visit according to e mail but I have tried to contact Virgin on numerous oc...

dubgang by On our wavelength
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No Dial tone

Ok a couple of days later than the date given but I swopped over my landline to the hub via a RJ11 to RJ11 cable (couldnt get to the original socket to use the adapter) reboted the hub several flashing lights later all settled down but no dial tone.....

dill1163 by Joining in
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