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New hub phone adapter

In the post i was sent the new hub phone adapter because the phone line will change to fibre. What can i do if my phone is practically miles away from the hub? My parents use the landline basically and the wires on the phone are very short. Any tips ...

seiji9 by Joining in
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Re: Landline not ringing

Good morning. I have the exact same problem. Any incoming call to my house handset does not ring (tried 2 different handsets known to work). If I pick the handset up i can hear the caller but they cannot hear me. I can make external calls from the ha...

can I change my home phone switchover date

I won't be home on the date I've been given for the switchover and will be away for a while, can the date be changed? what happens if I don't plug in the phone on the switchover date? 

steves57 by Joining in
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Phone not working on new fibre hub 3

My copper phone line went dead and I couldn't make call accept for 150. So spoke to someone after ages spent navigating thru endless options and waiting for ages, only to be told that my line had been disabled for switchover to fibre. Was told that m...

andymunn by Joining in
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Landline Down

My landline stopped working at 6.30pm on 27.06.2023. No dial tone. I've not moved any cables etc, just suddenly stopped. Checked my phone equipment at another address worked fine so nothing wrong with the equipment. When you call from another line to...

MrAtif by Joining in
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Resolved! Porting in old landline number

HiWhen we joined Virgin a couple of weeks ago (installed this week), we were not offered the option to keep our existing landline number. However it appears this should be possible. Can anyone let me know what the process is?CheersJohn

DirkG67 by Joining in
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Ghost calls and no number calls.

We have been receiving between 10 and 20 ghost calls every day for the last six months. Virgin media insist it is not a problem of their making, you want to try and convince my wife of that. She is now addicted to checking the phone at least ten time...

allumj96 by Joining in
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No new adapter?

I have an intermittent fault on my landline where neither party can hear the other when the call is answered. (I changed the phone for a new one and the problem persists).I phoned VM help and after 45 mins of waiting on hold I was told I would be sen...

muzz_b by Tuning in
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New fibre landline

This morning I have had my landline adapter fitted by a very helpful Virgin employee. The alternative was to be without a landline phone due to the new fibre network, which is touted as an 'improvement'.I cannot see how it can be given that:1. I've h...