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Landline Adaptor Has Not Arrived

Hi, I was supposed to receive a landline adapter before the 25th April but it didn't arrive. I then text "resend" to the SMS shortcode as directed. The automatic response indicated that "another one" would be sent by the 7th May. This also never arri...

Brodband package

 I have brodband package with phone line, but I'm not use is. How do I cancel or change a package?

Rasti78 by Joining in
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Is it just me - landline changeover

I ghink its a damn cheek that Virgin are telling me I'm having the new fibre phone line , I don't want it. My router is nowhere near the phone and I'm certainly not drilling holes in my house to connect it. We have a landline as a back up but Virgin ...

Quorny by On our wavelength
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Home hub upgrade for telephone switchover

I have been trying to contact VM, as requestedvia email, to upgrade my home hub for the switch to fibre telephone system. After several attemps to phone , and negotiate the menu system, I was told that there systems were not working and had to call b...

Proof of usage / barring

Hello,I recently lost a phone bought from Apple.The insurance is asking for proof of usage / barring of the phone or refusal email . 

Switchover to fibre network on 26th July

I've received a text message from a mobile number saying its from Virgin Media regarding the above switchover and asking me to reply with ACCEPT.  When I look on your website it says I'll receive a letter regarding the above so is the text message a ...

TBPL by Joining in
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Land-line number not ported over

So I asked for my land-line number to be ported over two months ago and then again a week before my switch date.Spoke to customer services who said there was no port request. Logged a complaint as sky services ended and land-line is gone. Complaints ...

Fizzle1 by Joining in
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