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Landline help

Hi. We are having real trouble with our land line. We have tried a couple of times to get it fixed and Tech help can see an issue although no issues on service status check and we were told that the latest option is to try the digital switchover. We ...

AN1 by Joining in
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VOIP - Adaptor installed, router still disabled

VOIP adaptor has arrived and been installed, followed the instructions that have come with the device with no joy. Checked the router itself to confirm "telephony" had been enabled but still disabled. Can this be changed through the settings of the r...

fish7391 by Joining in
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Need a Technician please.

Hi I need to book a technician as I have two phones that are cable connected and I have an adapter arriving on the 8th of August . Are you able to help ?kind regards , J

jman by Tuning in
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Phone changeover- extension no longer working

Hi, in connection with the telephone changeover to fibre, the engineer came last week on 12th July and the phones were working upstairs and downstairs when he left. The downstairs phone is still fine but the upstairs extension is dead now, no diallin...

Pollybear by On our wavelength
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phone outage compensation

phone was off 13/6 to 23/6 was told compensation would be automaticlatest bill 8/7 shows no compensation

lesanon by Joining in
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Motorola FW500 Back up phone

Can i use this phone without it being physically connects to the hub as I was considering moving it to my elderly mother's bedroom in case of emergency? 

lorr1e1 by Joining in
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Fibrephone switch date

Hello We have just discoverd our landline is not working and assume we have passed our switch over date.  I have the adaptor but before I plug it in just wanted to make sure it should work straight away unless there is another issue on the network. W...

Willid1 by Joining in
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Virgin Landline - Can't make outgoing calls

Hoping someone can help...I'm not at home but my wife has reported that the landline is not allowing outgoing calls. There is a dial tone but it then connects to the Virgin 150 menu. Seems like this has happened to others before but I can't see what ...

RussT1 by Joining in
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No engineer appointment booked as promised by customer service

In an email from Virgin Media regarding changes to my home phone service due to be made on 13th September I was instructed to ring the customer service centre to request an engineer visit to install extra cables as my home phone and hub are in differ...

jankop by Joining in
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