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VOIP Migration

I'm now semi retired from a technical support background.. How can Virgin roll out a migration program from Landlines to VOIP (A well proven technology) with so many problems? The service is apalling ! I haven't bothered to report the crackly lines, ...

How to block 0800 numbers

I’m getting calls from the same 0800 number at least four times a day. Usually no message is left, but occasionally a recorded message asks us to phone a different phone number. Investigation via Google about the first number confirms that this is sp...

Check Phone Line

Hi, is it possible to use my Hub 4 router for my landline connection. I have connected it via the adapter lead but there is no dial tone and the phone says "check phone line"Thanks

glynbob by Joining in
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Resolved! Vulnerable mother has no landline

I want a manager to contact me regarding the below. My elderly vulnerable mother still has no phone and I haven’t been contacted as promised !Copy of email sent to CEOI had a phone call at 4pm on Saturday 17th December from Callum, confirming this wa...

rachl by Tuning in
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Another VOIP switchover issue

I used the live chat to try to address a problem and to try to find out how to arrange to have an emergency backup line installed and got absolutely nowhere. (I don't think the agent understood, at all, the issue, nor cared much about it and he kept ...

Incoming calls to landline go to voicemail

Incoming calls to my Virgin Media landline go to voicemail after just one ring.If I'm beside the phone and pick it up straight away, the call is connected, but usually I can't answer in time.This started about a month ago. Before that, voicemail work...

hslavin by Joining in
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No landline dial tone.

Hi my landline telephone has no dial tone I can not make it receive phone calls I have checked the virgin media box and wires into the phone as well as the sockets and all seem fine i have to get hold of virgin on chat however it is not available and...

No in coming calls......

I'm tired of being messed around by virgin media.... I asked to have my number transferred over 2 weeks ago....first it was supposed to be in the 2nd, then the 6th then in 24 hrs ( 7th)  now it's the 16th....I recieved a call early this afternoon and...

Sammie41 by Joining in
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New adaptor

Like quite a few others, my hub is upstairs and my telephone socket is downstairs.  How am I to plug the new fibre phone adaptor in please?  I use and still need my landline thanks

Resolved! Still NO caller display

Hi,After speaking with a Virgin Advisor on the phone on Friday 16th Dec & getting help from an advisor in this forum yesterday, both saying that my caller display function had been re-instated, I still have no caller display. Anyone have any other ad...

June58 by Joining in
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