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Home phone number isn't valid

A friend has visited to say they can't get through on my landline. The number isn't valid. I've unplugged the phone and plugged it back in after 10 minutes. It still isn't working. Please can you help.

Landline not ringing

Hi,My landline is plugged into my router. It has a dial tone and rings out but does not ring when receiving calls. 1471 confirms that my call from my mobile has connected to the landline. Reading other posts it looks as though it could be a Virgin ne...

winter66 by Joining in
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Disconnected virgin media services. Help!

Currently have anytime calls and 125mb internet.I was due to be disconnected on the 27th of June at midnight.I called up on the 26th June saying I had not had time to look for new services and no longer wanted to disconnect.  The agent offered to pus...

mnadeem89 by On our wavelength
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Home phone STILL not working...

3rd time lucky...After 2 attempts to get this working I'll try again, I STILL can't receive incoming calls on my landline after the phone line switching over. I've had 2 engineers come to the property to double check everything is connected correctly...

Pwarbi by Joining in
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21CV Definition

What does 21CV stand for? I can't find a definition anywhere. Thanks.

otronics by On our wavelength
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Phone adapter.

Will the adapter plug into a Ethernet Gigabit Switch box?  Because the hub is upstairs, and I don't fancy moving cables around, and it would be easier to just into a socket downstairs.

Mr_Happy by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Phone package add on not put on account, no big debt.

Hello folks, I have been charged landline usage charges to an 0871 number when I was vigorously assured by the agent, I'd be on the Talk 08 £5 package before I signed my new contract. This was a fundamental part of the reason I changed contract. I no...

Bucky897 by On our wavelength
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Lost landline number

I signed up for fibre and landline and selected to keep my existing number. Since being connected i have found out the number has changed. I would like my old number please (as requested).thanks 

L4zza by Joining in
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