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Land line no longer working

Hi, we were switched over to the new system (plug into the back of the hub) a few months ago. We have the adapters and on the correct date we plugged the adapter into the back of the hub. However, since the change we have had no landline. It is compl...

JerryA by Joining in
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no landline since changing hub?

I accepted a free upgrade from VM for the new hub 5 at no extra cost!! so i took it.. I had previously a fully working hub3.. Since going to the hub 5 everything working except the landline? Had an engineer out on the bank holiday and his boos advice...

Resolved! Land -Line Buzz

My new phones on the hub have a background buzzing sound when i receive a call can someone suggest a cure phones are BT Decor 

sadsam by Tuning in
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Order new hub & adapter

I've received a couple of emails and a text about the switchover (27th June). All of them tell me to Call 150 to arrange delivery for my new Hub, however when I dial this number I get the main menu with 4 options none of which mention the switchover....

pm71 by Dialled in
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Resolved! Fibre Phone Adaptor

had a hub 4 for over a year did not receive Fibre Phone Adaptor now want to connect house phone through hub 

Unison by Dialled in
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Resolved! 'no number' Calls

Just been told that the way to cure the 'no number' calls which has appeared on our phone since Virgin  put our home phones on wi fi is to renew the home phone and make sure its NOT a BT phone !!!!How many other customers is this affecting???????????...

terryR1 by Up to speed
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Line cord error

We have had a line cord error since Saturday. We have check all leads, we have swapped the phone. Nothing works but the phone is fully functional. I did a test on the line and it said it was fine. I phoned the helpline. They said maybe I needed to pl...