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home phone switchover

How do you ask for a technician visit? The VM 150 call does NOT help at all. It's not even an option anywhere.My phone line incomer is nowhere near my my HUB and the Hub isn't moving.

jimc by Joining in
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Change to Fibre Landline

HiTold to plug new adaptor into hub from 5th July but service isn’t working and switched back to old socket.Our neighbour plugged theirs in and lost Broadband/Wi-Fi connection. Now unplugged and fine

Home Phone Service Change - Engineer Visit Require

Had an email about the phone service changing to a fibre connection.  It says if I need to keep the phone where it is (I do and it is away from the router) I need to book an engineer visit, but does not tell you how to do this?  The VM web site says ...

kandle by Joining in
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Switching to Internet Landline

Hi.In switching my landline over to the internet via my router, every time my internet goes down, my landline goes down and this is happening a lot. A couple of times a month for several hours.My house alarm uses my landline to tell me what's going o...

iRadiate by Joining in
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Landline not working again

My landline has not been working again for a week this time, I have been going round and round the website to try and get help but it's useless for a non working phone. How do I get help to get it working again?  It's annoying as I'm now paying for a...

KSK by Joining in
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Resolved! Ring time too short before voice mail

Is there away to change the amount of time it take for the phone to ring before going to the voicemail. I called to speak to someone today and after a 40 min call they could not change anything, they are sending out a technician to fix the problem bu...

adebisi by Tuning in
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Landline not working AGAIN!!

My virgin landline is not working AGAIN.  No dial tone AGAIN!! There's nothing wrong with my handset.  I've checkedPlease can someone help. As before the problem will be at the network centre not here.  It never is a problem at home.I have an elderly...

Mike_R3 by Tuning in
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Voice mail not woking

I cannot get my landline to anounce to callers they can leave a message if I get a call and I dont answer I can hear the amswer machine tell the caller to leave a message but the caller just hears the line ring then go dead, I haver tried turning off...

frenno by Tuning in
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