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No dial tone on landline connected to router

A technician visited last Tuesday and connected my landline phone to the Hub router, using the adapter sent in the post. He later enabled it and I had a dial tone, was able to ring the phone and everything was working. Today it isn't working, I have ...

Broken wall socket

Hi I left virgin media on the 26th of march BT has been dreadful but luckily they are letting me leave without a termination fee. My wall socket has fallen off as it was behind my sofa does anyone know if I come back to Virgin if this can be fixed?  


Voicemail dial tone

I’m getting the intermittent dial tone on my landline but 1571 tells me, correctly, that there are no messages. Can the dial tone be reset to the normal one?

cat60 by Tuning in
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Landline completely dead for a week

My landline has been dead for a week, despite the service status showing that it is fine. Tried all the suggested tests & nothing, no sound at all.

RhysP65 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline no incoming calls

Got a virgin media hub 5 today - works great with internet, far better - but landline I can only make outgoing calls --- incoming calls ring but when I answer no voice or sound either way. Tightened all leads and tried everything I can think of. Outg...

Resolved! Landline being moved to fibre soon. Can I formally refuse this?

As per the title, my home phone setup is quite complicated with many extensions around my large house, all of which I wired myself many years ago.The "main" Virgin socket is downstairs & all the extenstions are taken from this around the house.The Vi...

hotlips69 by On our wavelength
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Original landline number not ported across

When I set up the contract I specifically asked to keep my existing landline. This has not happened and I have been given a new number as part of the install (2 days ago).Can anybody help to resolve this? ThanksSue

Home phone not working after switch over

Hi I've plugged the base unit into fibre adapter, and into router as per instructions.  If i call number off my mobile line rings, but does not ring or seem to be received on landline.  Also no dialing tone on handset.  Can someone help please. Could...

Ck2023 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Unable to contact an actual person

Received a double blow last Monday. Received several calls on mobile (family members) stating unable to contact my partner. Told them that I'll look into it and get back to them.Immediately rang landline, no answer. Checked connection, looks okay. Pu...

SiriusB by On our wavelength
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Fibre Phone Adaptor

My fibre phone adaptor has now arrived. My phone is not in the same room as the hub. Am I expected to move my phone?