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Landline disconnected without consent

Hi,my landline has been disconnected without consent yet i pay to have a landline. Please can a member of Virgin media contact me to get it back please? i am a pensioner and need my landline.I have tried the online chat, but waited over 2 hours and n...

Land line ringing but can’t answer

 I have an issue with my phone line when it rings and I try to answer the call and it doesn’t answer.All I can hear is a dialling tone.I have purchased. New phone thinking this was the problem but the new one is doing the same.I have tried ringing ou...

Landline Dead

Hi., my landline is currently not working. It is connected to a white virgin media socket directly in the wall. I've tried a different phone in that socket as well and does not work either. The digital display just says 'check phone line'. My switcho...

adhiren by On our wavelength
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Parents being charged for broadband with new fibre phone

My elderly parents recently had their landline cut off without any written warning (that is a separate issue) due to the fibre rollout. After failing to resolve the issue over the phone with customer services I was able (via web chat) to arrange an e...

sw77 by Joining in
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Landline switchover, phone no longer working

Prior to my landline being switched to digital and engineer updated my hub no problem there.  Switchover occurred on the 3rd April I believe, however checked my phone today and nothing cant receive/make calls.  I am not sure if ever worked as I use m...

KayW2108 by Joining in
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Dual phone lines

I have two phone landlines, one belonging to BT and the other belonging to Virgin Media (ex-NTL). The BT number is the one I gave out for people to call me on so I needed to keep it, but I didn't want to keep paying two line rentals so I tried to get...

C_W_S by Joining in
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Billed for phonecalls when i dont have a telephone device

I do not have a telephone handset. I pay for the phoneline for the broadband. Have been a customer since NTL. I have not had a phone connected for over 10 years. The phone charges total £300 and were made 5am, 7pm and 11pm to the landlines itself - e...

User432 by Joining in
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Landline not working

My landline is not working properly, cannot ring out or receive calls. When I check service status, it says everything is ok, but it clearly is not.

Call forwarding

Hi,We have just gone over to the new digital service,I tried to divert my home phone to my mobile number using ×70 my number then # but this did not work , is there a new way to do this ? 

Iang611 by Tuning in
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Cancelling emergency back up line

I have called virgin media today to cancel back up line I was asked for my bank account and sort code details which I refused my call was cancelled as didn’t pass this question help