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Disable VM Voicemail

This is the second post I have made on this subject. On VMs website it says call 1571 and select Menu and the option to Cancel the VM Voicemail.  There is NO option to cancel voicemail?  That information is wrong?  So I called 150 and it took sometim...

Porting my old BT phone number across to Virginmedia

Good afternoon,I recently moved across to VirginMedia from BT (BT account still active) I am not sure if I requested to have the old BT number ported across and would like to find out how I can check, or do I have to fill in a form to request the por...

tdmelli by Joining in
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External bell for new phone line

Hi,Ive been switched over to the new digital line. I have lost the use of my old analog external ringer.Our business is a loud factory and we are missing incoming calls if no one is in the officeIs there anyway to solve this problem

wattonj by Settling in
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Resolved! Unable to get through to certain numbers

Hopefully, someone from VM can help with this.When I call 2 numbers, I get the following message:“This number is temporarily unavailable. You might like to try contacting them a different way”.It starts to ring and then immediately cuts to that messa...

I have one concern after being switched onto my hub

My copper telephone cable runs in my front garden but my broadband & tv is connected onto next doors cabling, via a couple of splitters, which runs in their garden.So now if they dig up their cables not only do I loose my broadband and TV but also my...

edam by Joining in
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Possible cross line fault

Does anyone know how I can get my complaint solved? I have been charged several times for landline calls I have definitely not made, I do not own a landline phone and have not had any type of phone plugged in to the Virgin media socket. I’ve had seve...

Kated by Joining in
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Unable to make outbound calls

Since having virgin installed recently I have been unable to make outbound calls on the landlines, incoming calls are fine. Phone is plugged into the router. Please advise

gcowp77 by Joining in
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GU21 landline issues

A couple of weeks back I noticed a couple of reports of Virgin landlines not working in the GU21 area. Both my landlines (connected via ntl wall sockets) died around the same time. I figured that there must be some problem with the local exchange and...

les_a by Joining in
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