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Call charges .. I don't use phone to ring out

Noticed .37p call charge on my current bill, on looking see same on last month's bill.  It isn't itemised and I am 99.99 certain that I haven't called out although I have answered calls on that line very infrequently.  Has me very puzzled, also conce...

VOIP set up

My router is in my upstairs office but I want the phone downstairs where it was before the switchover. How do I arrange this?

dgb111 by Tuning in
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None existent phone calls

Hi all, my landline now goes via the wifi hub,  but since my landline has gone digital I am getting up to 20 new calls a day ( supposedly). And the times I get these can show 63.36 ( didn't know that was an actual time). My cordless phone never rings...

Brook68 by Joining in
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Resolved! Telephone line: can only dial out

Hi, I’ve had VM for a couple of months now. Realised that I was paying for BT as well … as a request to cancel hadn’t been made by VM to BT.  Despite my calls to VM asking for my number to be ported over, I’ve heard nothing. So, I’ve cancelled BT mys...

Landline not working

My 92-year-old father-in-law has been without a landline for at least 3 days.  We know this because his daughter is abroad and has been trying to contact him, without success. I used my mobile to contact Virgin Media at 4pm today and spent a fruitles...

julespog by Joining in
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Resolved! EBUL - "country wide update" appointment

Hey all,We've just had a letter explaining that a "country wide update" to the EBUL is being done, and to book an engine's ear engineer. Rather than do it on the phone, can I ask one of the lovely forum team to help book it in for us please?Thanks

mpmc by Superfast
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switch over

I can't post on the switch over forum for some reason.  Could someone tell me how i book an appointment for an engineer and also if my land phone cannot be connected will Virgin stop taking my payments for the phone.

brigantia by On our wavelength
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Anonymous Caller Rejection *227#

Just called 150 and requested Anonymous Caller Rejection be added to my landline.They said it was added now and would cost £2.70 a month. OK.Then said I would have to activate by dialling *227# from my phone. I tried this but it said the service wasn...