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Resolved! Landline calling the police

I thought that this issue may be similar to a previous message I have just read on this board but in our case the person calling the police knows our home address.We stopped using our landline over 12 months ago as there seemed to be a fault with the...

Keith-D by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone switch

We are due to switch to fibre phone in a couple of weeks. We really need our 3 phones where they are currently located. Do we have to get new cables put in by Virgin engineers or is the solution fairly simple (maybe go cordless?)

jonesjh by Tuning in
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Not able to make calls

Over the last month I have not been able to make any calls with my landline, only receiving incoming calls which then drop. My grandson has tried to look over the connections and sees nothing wrong. I need an engineer to come and sort this as a matte...

James365 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Switchover adaptor needed

My landline is not working and I've been told its due to the new switchover and I need an adaptor to plug into my hub. I have not received an adaptor or an email/letter regarding the switchover. 

BarbPA by Joining in
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Landline changeover

Hi there,My main landline is not in the same room as my hub. How do I manage the changeover trying to plug the cord into the back of the adapter? Does anyone have any ideas?  Many thanks.

Hadfijan by Tuning in
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call waiting

Despite exchanging private messages for a week now my original issue with call waiting still exists. My problem is if my landline is busy on a call and a mobile calls the landline, the mobile caller gets no tone and is then cut-off. Has anyone else e...

jayabee by Joining in
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Resolved! landline

My landline is about to be switched in oct. I have tried to book a technician. no joy. can anyone help.

w57 by Joining in
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Resolved! 1471 and Caller ID not working

I have called several times without success.1471 reports "Sorry service is not available for this line ??? It used to work.Caller ID no longer appears to be working on BT4600, again used to work.Customer service stated that both services should be wo...

Atty by Joining in
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I don't need my landline, do I have to take a new router?

Hi all - I hope that you're well.I've just received an email from VM saying that my landline will soon be moved over to VoIP and that I need to upgrade my router. I don't use my landline, indeed I don't even have a phone connected, I only keep the se...

soquas by On our wavelength
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Today received  adaptor no previous letter..As i have 3 phones i will need to book an engineer so tried 150.Total waste of time as there is no choice for this.Any advice please

jls by On our wavelength
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