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Resolved! Home phone fibre switchover - no letter received

I've had an email telling me that my home phone will be switched to fibre on August 14th. It is linked to an alarm system. I have contacted the alarm company and booked a technician to upgrade it to be compatible with the new phone.The email told me ...

Rich59 by On our wavelength
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My phone was reluctantly on my part switched to fibre this morning (26.07.23) the adapter was fitted, but my telephone which is 10 years old will not audibly ring, I can call out, if I call my landline from my mobile it rings but you cannot hear it r...

Resolved! Home phone not ringing

After being made aware of the switchover info, plugged in adaptor to modem and phone into adaptor. Finally worked a day later than the letter said and everything seemed good but soon realised that the phone wasn't ringing. Tested it from mobiles and ...

Oleh by On our wavelength
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Switched to fibre phone lost broadband

As the topic says.  I had an engineer switch me over today (Tuesday) with an adapter now connected to port 1 on the back of the modem, and to the phone (now moved to the opposite side of the room as it was previously and now needs to be by the modem)...


As advised by the virgin media team i have connected my landline via the adaptor supplied to my router but it will not work (message on phone is check phone line). on further investigation i have found the the router has telephony disabled and no way...

Resolved! Land line phone is not working properly.

Following the change over to full fibre for the home phone landline, I have connected the adapter as supplied by Virgin but, I can call out but cannot receive incoming calls. Anyone trying to call gets an engaged tone. Has anyone had this problem and...

Tpf by Joining in
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Checking re my mother's new Fibre phone service

HelloI have power of attorney for my mother's Virgin account.My mother recently had an engineer visit to fix a problem with her landline.  The engineer has now plugged the phone into the Hub (as part of the new fibre service).  I have received a text...

hils49 by Tuning in
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Fibre phone adapter

We have received our adapter, and got a text this morning saying that it needs to be used after 9am tomorrow. problem is, our hun is upstairs in the spare bedroom, and the phone is downstairs in the lounge. Help?!?! 

Home Phone not ringing (have dial tone)

Moved to virgin, including home phone a few weeks back.  All settling pretty well, except, my home phone doesn’t ring !  Old style wired handset with bell ringer…..interestingly I have a splitter added with an additional DECT phone which DOES ring.  ...