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Resolved! Land line not working. Urgent situation

Help urgently needed. Land line not working as of late afternoon. No mobile because no signal here. How do I contact Virgin media when I cannot phone them? Have tried all ways and just go round in a loop with phone contact the only option. Vulnerable...

Landline not working again!!

My landline is down again!!  Why does this keep happening.  This is an important lifeline for my elderly dad to call me.It was working yesterday morning but when I went to call my Dad  last evening the line was DEAD and still is this morning!!Please ...

Mike_R3 by Tuning in
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cant make calls off landline as constant voicemail bleeping but when i dial 1571 nothing happens just no noise...cant even ring the phone tried ringing it off a mobile to try and leave voicemail as that cleared it last time..but this time just contin...

Home Phone - no adapter/Hub after switchover

On the 29th July 2023 I phoned 0345 454 1111 and spoke with someone for 23 minutes advising them that my mum's home phone hadn't been working since May which was before the switch to digital so there must have been a fault. It was during the phone ca...

laurie44 by Joining in
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Outgoing Calls

As I said on Twitter - I'm unable to make outgoing calls on my landline 'phone.No matter what number I try to dial, when I hit the third number the 'phone connects to the VM 150 helpline.The problem doesn't seem to be my phone, as I've tried a spare ...

Landline not working

Our landline is not working. The line is dead  If I try to report it online they test the line and tell me it's working which it clearly is not. Then I get taken round and round irrelevant selfhelp points. How can I contact a real person to book an e...

Catch 22 Phone Switch-over

The help regarding digital switch-over indicates I will need a technician regarding the digital switchover.My router is nowhere near the landline and is wired to my TV, 2 computers, Home Heating hub, smart lighting and CCTV.  The telephone options do...

Thombcat by Joining in
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Landline voicemail issue

Hello, there is an issue on my landline phone that I can't seem to fix.The voicemail tone is stuck and I cannot clear it, even though I have no unheard voicemails. I've asked customer service and I was told:Unplug phone for 5 minutes, then retry.Try ...


I am due to have my phone switched over to Broadband next month and the email I received explained in detail what would happen. As my router is upstairs connected to my desktop by ethernet cable and my main phone with the answer machine is downstairs...

kantara by Tuning in
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