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My landline isn't working - no dialling tone, no incoming calls

I have no landline phone service.  I called the so called customer service via my virgin mobile phone a few days ago and was told I would be contacted  within 24 hours.  I have received no contact .  So I dialled 150 on my mobile and got to an automa...

Home phone service change - how to book a technician

Hi How do I book a technician for the home phone service change? I need to be able to contact emergency services if there's an outage. I have received an email and text, but no letter explaining how to book a technician. Thank you. 

saelme by Joining in
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I am considering cancelling my home phone landline as it’s hardly ever used, how do I go about this and how will it affect my bill and package?

Resolved! Compatible phone for fibre switch over

Hi my switch over date is 19th June. I have bought a house phone but the leaflet states not all devices are compatible.  Obviously I have no way of knowing until the day if my phone is compatible!  Does this mean you have to keep buying phones until ...

Resolved! Home phone incoming calls cut off with static

Calling my house number the caller hears two rings at most, followed by a burst of "static" noise. The call is then terminated. I have tested and verified this myself by calling in from my own mobile. I have also swapped handsets around and even trie...

Steve1947 by On our wavelength
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Caller display not working

Hi,I've read a few posts from people who've lost their caller display on their landline after a technician visit, and I appear to have had the same thing happen. Would it be possible for someone to check and get it re-enabled on my account, please? W...

Landline number Shared

I have been with Virgin nearly a year. Landline didn’t work from day1. Eventually got fixed and I was paid compensation for part of the unavailable time. A few days later stopped working again but as I had mobile not essential so ignored. Recently ha...

rls106 by Joining in
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Landline - not working

My landline not been working for about 5 days now it’s connected to a socket on the wall and been reported all phone line and phone checked but still not working      [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Landline not working, Worthing area

Hi there,my landline appears to be dead. I’ve changed the phone over with a known working one, including leads, etc, but still not working.I’ve checked the service status in my area and doesn’t show any issues in my area currently.Would it be possibl...

Sceppico by Tuning in
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