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Switch-over: technical wiring question

I have just received a text message saying that my landline will be switched over in August and asking whether I need an engineer. I responded no, but now I've read other queries on here, I'm wondering whether I should have said yes. The situation is...

savik2 by Up to speed
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how do I talk to a human

I am responsible for my mother in laws phone. She is 105. I live 90 miles away. I reported a fault last night checked the status this morning(no issues) tried the phone, still not working. How can I talk to someone? The phones have been checked to se...

Resolved! No dial tone on landline

Hi, my step father has a virgin media land line. This does not come via the broadband hub, it comes into the house via a BT type connection. For the last week he has had no dial tone. I have carried out the checks, unplug everything, check for dial t...

Porting number from NOW Broadband failed

Would appreciate any help, as I am not sure if it's a bit too late. Virgin Media connected on 26/12/23. Old provider NOW Broadband disconnected on 06/01/23. Virgin didn't bother telling me to keep the line active. However, I did tell Virgin that I wa...

Blue817 by Joining in
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No Inbound calls since Landline to Fibre line change ?

Hi, VM migrated my Landline to a Fibreline phone service on 6th April. In the process, they managed to totally disconnect my old phone number and eventually reconnect me with a different number. I complained because I wanted to keep my old number, so...

cheder22 by Joining in
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Can I self install the new Hub.

I need a new HUB for the telephone migration, my question is do I really need to take a day off work (which will in effect cost me over £100) , or can I have a self install as I have done every other time I have had a new modem. I have asked VM but h...

HUB5 Telephone Connection

Hi,Well that was easy.  I was given a date for my telephone to switch over to the network.  As instructed I plugged in the adaptor and phone, waited for two minutes then tested calling in and out.It all worked!  Even with my ageing BT3520 phone (at l...

BillBudd by Up to speed
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Porting a landline number from BT

In March I switched from BT Local Business to Virgin Media Business for Internet and landlines, but I have not been able to get my second landline ported. Each time there is a failure to port, Virgin Media send me another authorisation form to fill i...

Resolved! Phone Fibre Switchover

I was due to change my telephone over to fibre today but like many others my telephone base station is downstairs (beside the BT line) whilst my hub is upstairs in my office.Although I have a second phone in my office it is important that the base st...

Resolved! Why can't I get virgin media both neighbours have it?

Both neighbours have virgin media installed. But I've been told that I can't receive any services. I've contacted virgin 4 times, they were supposed to call me back. But never do. Every house on the road is listed when you check to see if you can get...

Thora by Joining in
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