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PSTN fault results in migration to VoIP

My parents raised a PSTN fault on their line a few days ago (both are in their 80s and I would class as 'vulnerable'). Their DECT phone displayed a "line fault" and the number ringing engaged.Today, the engineer arrived and have converted them (witho...


Since being supplied with a new hub 3 following an account user update (change of account holder within the household) my landline is not working and telephony is disabled when I log into my hub. I cannot get through to you and desperately need the l...

Port landline from BT to Virgin Media

I have the same problem. One of the Virgin agents tried to make the change for me, but kept getting error messages. I contacted BT who said that Virgin would need to make the change, and could see no reason why their (several) attempts had failed. Ca...

No landline service at all.

For the past two days at least i haven't been able to receive or make any calls via the landline.  It was definitely ok on 29/04/24, because that's the last call received.  There has been no change in the phones or anything that might've knocked the ...

Landline seems to be dead

My wife is away from home at the moment so she tried to call me on the landline. Apparently, it's dead. So I attempted to make outgoing calls. Also dead. Our outgoing calls don't go via the hub, but via the old fashioned wired connection boxes. (Ours...

BuntyMac by Tuning in
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Landline renumber?

I'm back on Virgin after a short time away, and the new number allocated to me belongs to a former hairdresser's from a quick Google search.  Their website is still live and showing my number.When I've used my home phone to contact Virgin, the automa...

Weird call

Hi Has anyone else been receiving calls, from what sounds like an Indian lady, about your Internet from the following numbers 015********* and 012********* Looking forward to hearing feedback   

cmarais by Joining in
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