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Landline not working.

Checked all connections and no apparent problems in our service area. 

LBMC by Joining in
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Resolved! Main phone transferred to Virgin WiFi

Since switching to the virgin wifi system recently, I have noticed when selecting recent call button on the handset, it shows a large number of calls displaying ' no number'. The timing of these calls are shown as several during the night and others ...

terryR1 by Up to speed
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Landline Voicemail

HiSince my landline has been connected to my home hub, my answering machine will not work. I believe that I have set-up  the Virgin Media landline voice mail but it does not work. I have followed the link and the Virgin website for landline voice mai...

DavidR2 by Joining in
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Resolved! Fibre phone adapter

Hi,I've been instructed to plug in the fibre phone adapter by tomorrow.If I don't do this, will my broadband be affected?I don't have a home phone and nothing is currently plugged into the telephone socket box in my house.Wife works from home and nee...

New hub and adapter

New hub and adapter for home phone were ordered over two weeks ago but have not arrived yet .can anyone  tell me how long it should be for delivery

Sanzi by Joining in
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Resolved! 1471 service unavailable

Hi. When I dial 1471 from home landline I get a service is unavailable message. Is there a way I can turn this service on remotely? I see several people have raised this question previously but it seems the answer is given off line. Thanks.  

AY100 by Joining in
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Migrate landline to hub

I migrated my Virgin Landline to my Hub 3 today using the supplied adapter. Apart from not getting a letter telling me the migration date as promised [I found out when my landline stopped working] it works fine so far. But as I no longer need a landl...

Clear as mud

Been notified that our landline will be changed over on 26th January...OK our hub is upstairs and we'll need it moved downstairs only problem is that you cannot get throught ot someone to arrange this phoning 150 is a waste of time .....who do I cont...

frogman9 by Tuning in
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Landlines down again - no known service issues

Had a month clear of faults - but back to no home landline tonight - done the checks on phone. Virgin report - no known service issues - just like last time , when line was down about 3 days. Continually advised after  they checked that there was an ...