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Transfer BT landline to virgin

Hi. I’m a new customer to virgin. Still a customer of BT during the 14 day cool off period. I was promised that I could transfer my BT landline number to virgin but ti hasn’t happened. One member of the virgin team said it wasn’t possible. Is that tr...

Land line is dead

The service status shows everything is ok in my area, but the land line is dead: can't make calls or receive incoming calls.Any ideas?

cronshd by On our wavelength
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Phone dead

I've got a dead phone line and I've done all the checks, even online and it's saying no issue. What cam I do?

Boo21 by Just joined
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VM landline dead

Dear VM,the VM landline of my elderly parents is not working. They called the helpline and have been told there is no network problem in the area and it must be the equipment. We have tried several phones and still dead and apparently no way to get h...

Checking for scam phone charges

Just had a scam call (or it sounded like one) but stupidly pressed a number on my phone to stop the calls. How can I check that I haven’t been charged a preposterous sum by some scammer? Why is it so impossible to speak with someone from Virgin, or h...

Phone switch over letter

Hi all, I have just read in PCActive about Virgin switching customers over from standard land line to digital and it states that VM has sent all customers a letter.  I have not yet received one.  Is this a process that is being done in stages?

AndyHst by On our wavelength
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Landline not working

Hi My Landline is not working cannot receive or make call but can hear  little crackling , Done every check and every wire and other hadnset which i borrowed from next door still the sameI unscrewed to box on wall and tried the test port same thing i...

Resolved! Landline no dial tone

Can someone from Virgin Media please check fault with our landline. No dial tone and getting an engaged tone when we call it from mobile. Cannot get through to virgin media on mobile, in a loop as forgotten password, it won't allow me to reset. 

MirMar by Tuning in
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