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unable to make mobile calls yet again !

Hi Virgin media so fed up with your service this time around have been a customer for over 5 years and yet again i am not able to make calls to mobile numbers this is the sixth time that this has happened every time i call i am told there is no recor...

Nomis138 by Joining in
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Resolved! Porting from Sky & Help Alarms

This is a random question and I suspect the answers will be no however here goes:My mother needs more help nowadays so my mother and my husband and myself will be selling our respective properties to find a new place that is suitable for mulit-genera...

Landline telephone not working

Hi We have been without our landline telephone since yesterday morning.  The website does not appear to flag up any issues. Please can you kindly look into this urgently.Thanks Peter

kitchp by Tuning in
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Digital home phone calling features

The website at https://www.virginmedia.com/help/digital-voice-switchover under the 'Changes to your virgin phone' includes details on the calling features which are standard and free of charge. The site states You’ll also get the following features a...

Resolved! Fibre phone switchover problems

A technician visited me on 8th August to switch me to fibre phone as I have 4 extensions. Whilst he was here he said that I could no longer connect my pc directly to the hub via an ethernet cable so my speed has dropped from 250mbs to about 70mbs. [W...

TV Via Virgin not working // Also Telephone landline not working

I have 2 issues at the moment. One is the TV via Virgin is not working and that is acknowledged by the Virgin website with an engineer in the area (according to the website).The other more important problem is the Phone landline - it is not working a...

kitchp by Tuning in
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Another phone problem of Virgin's creation

So yesterday my phone goes down ... no ring tone & house alarm telling me the line is down.Service status tells me there is a fault in the area (F010916701).I register to have a text update to let me know when it's fixed.This morning I get the text, ...

wibble59 by Dialled in
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Since changing from analog to fibre phone my phone rings for all incoming calls except from my mobile number the phone receives the call displays my name and flashes but no ring tone