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Resolved! Landline

My landline wont ring my mobile. Just get an engaged tone. My mobile rings the landline...

PAW1 by Joining in
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No landline, unanswered calls and messages

Second post about home phone. Landline has been dead for two days now. Had a pm from Sabrina regarding previous message. Supplies requested information and guess what? Yes, no replyOn Thursday I was transferred to to technical who did not answer in o...

Home landline number change

My service starts on 28/12/23. Moving over from sky. I have been told that my home number is changing. I specifically said when making the order that I want to keep my home landline number. We have elderly relatives and numerous contacts who have thi...

Free weekend calls

New to Virgin and package includes free weekend calls. Can I ask at what time what day it starts then same when it ends?Also maybe a daft question, but do week day incoming calls cost us anything should we answer the call?thanks again for any advice.

Resolved! Phone Rewire

Hi, I have an appointment booked for a rewire of my old landline because my phone is not working with the new internet system, will I be charged for this work?

Fibre Phone Adaptor - hub and phone not together

Hi there, I have the same issue as other members in that my hub and main phone socket are not situated together. I can see from other community topics that this needs an engineer visit, but I can't see how to arrange this.Please help! 

amgard by On our wavelength
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Resolved! A bit of feedback would be good.....

Yesterday morning, our DECT phone had the message *Check phone line* on it. All the wiring back to VM's NTE box was okay, so dug out our spare BT Duet 210 and plugged it in to the NTE box. Dead as a dodo.Went to VM's status page - all was (allegedly)...

wm29 by On our wavelength
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Caller ID not working since change to fibre optic

We recently changed to fibre optic and now my caller ID is displaying withheld. Also when when people call me they get the international dial tone. I have called your customer service several times who are unable to advise.