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Phone line change to hub

Hi we been with virgin media for a very long time . And I've received the email regarding the phone line change . I've read email carefully and I'll probably just get the fit yourself kit . Because I've move my router upstairs ect . Anyway my questio...

John124 by Joining in
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Switch to fibre phone

I have received an email inviting me to ring 150 to request a new Virgin Media Hub to enable the switch to the fibre network. I will also need a technician appointment to complete the switch. Unfortunately no-one appears to have told your customer se...

😤 fibre network for phone line

So yet again problems with virgin media, constant Wi-Fi drop outs, prices constantly increasing, now forced into fibre network for phone line, Oh and guess what? It doesn’t work, you follow all the trouble shooting problems and all you get is they ar...

Sharonsp by Joining in
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Resolved! Quick question re "emergency" back up phone for VoIP

This morning I had an engineer call to fix my landline which went dead on Friday - upshot is that I have now been switched over to VoIP with my landline plugged into my router.I understand that my phone won't work if there is a power cut or the inter...

soosie by On our wavelength
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Reduce number of rings before 1571 voicemail kicks in

Good afternoon,How can I reduce the number of rings to 5 before voicemail kicks in on my Virgin Media landline?Currently, it doesn’t kick in and feedback received is that callers think there is no voicemail option & just hang up.Can I change the ring...

vfw01 by Joining in
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Cost for Diverted Calls

Can you (Virgin Media O2) please confirm if diverted calls are included in my package.I know the divert charge is £2.25 a monthI know that the caller pays for the incoming call to my landline number.So the diverted part from my landline to my mobile ...

Resolved! Landline Dead

My land line as been dead for a couple of days following a power outage in my area.  Your app says no problems and your AI chat says if cant help with landlines 

robmac50 by Joining in
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Need a landline installed

We moved house last December (2022) and in order to cut costs, we decided NOT to persist with a landline - aside from scam calls, only 2 or 3 used it.However, where we live, there is rarely any mobile phone signal at all (we are not with VM for our m...

Divert charges

I have searched and searched and then tried to find online chat help of some sort which has now annoyed me as you don’t have that option.I want to know about the divert 2.25 per month add on. And what/if charges? If they go to a Virgin mobile is this...