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When phone 150 it keeps asking for account number

HiEverytime I phone 150 from my house phone it keeps asking for account number and won't let me listen to my bill etc and puts me straight through to an advisor, can this be sorted so I get the automated service instead?Thanks

Caller ID

it has been down now for nearly 3 weeks. Has happened before and when I ring up they can't seem to fix it.  Think last time an engineer must of done something in one of the green boxes and just came back on.is very annoying,

goughdj1 by Tuning in
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Wired Landline - No Dial Tone

My landline is dead - again!  No dial tone, but there's a click when going off-hook.  Calling in from my mobile gives engaged tone.The same problem has occurred twice this year, in January and June.  In each case I went through the process of fault r...

GJ_12345 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline Broadband

I recently had my landline transferred to broadband and a bit new to it all. I want to swap the phones around such as in upstairs and downstairs. Can I just unplug them from the mains sockets and transfer them over? I won't touch the router connectio...

hansi by Fibre optic
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All attempts to dial out go to Virgin fault report line

Regardless of whether I press the dial out key before or after the number, as soon as I get a dial tone I'm instantly connected to the fault report line, which takes me on a magical mystery tour of impenetrable options and silly questions and then cu...

andysitton by On our wavelength
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No landline since 31/08/2023

Reported this on 31/08/2023 last message on 7/09/23 said this would be fixed on 8/09/23 spoke to resolutions team on 24/09/23 they are arranging engineer to call Nothing yet Due compensation under Virgin rules heard nothing more still no working land...

Peterkelly by On our wavelength
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Parent's landline down AGAIN with serious risk of harm

The landline of my parents is down yet again and as this is connected to their medical help buttons this poses a serious risk of harm to them. An engineer came out in July which was stated at the time as required as there was a switch to the hub. The...

Resolved! Landline Switchover - Hub in Modem Mode

My hub 4 is setup in modem mode. For the landline switchover to VOIP, do I simply plug the phone adaptor into the hub's telephone port or do I connect the phone to my own router?Thanks in advance.

Resolved! Home phone VOIP switchover. No dial tone

Hoping someone can help and that I don’t need to buy a new handset!!Just trying to switch the home phone onto broadband from the copper wiring (as instructed by VM) and failing.  Phone is Siemens Gigaset C475.  Phone was working fine on the copper la...

tina-d by On our wavelength
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