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Could a member of the team get in touch with me please? My elderly parents are having the same issue and are hard of hearing so the helpline isn’t going to be much use to them.Thanks

JS808 by Joining in
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home phone flashing red telephone icon

Been with Virgin many years , cannot wait till my contract ends in 5 months.Told fault is my phone ,so purchased new ones .Still faulty , Virgin I.T said my new phone was faulty.In process of buying new phone ; asked if an engineer could call , with ...

URGENT 92-year-old parent landline dead,

I have just found out that my mothers phone is dead due to some change !!!  The situation now is a 92 year old is without any contact with the outside world, does not have internet or mobile. Why has this happerned? this needs to be fixed ASAP. Conta...

Please call later

I have been monitoring my home phone answer-machine for an urgent call coming in however I have just discovered that Virgin Media has installed a message saying please call later. How do I turn this off? 

lm11 by Joining in
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Fibre Phone change over

Hello all for the last 7 weeks my father has been unable to make a call out on his virgin media home phone when you try to dial out it just goes straight through to virgin media help line, i have contacted virgin media two times now with no luck in g...

hertsmil by Joining in
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Line cord error

This has come up on my phone, I haven't made any changes over the past month to my phone, cable, box on the wall etc. I rarely use the phone. I've checked the cables - all seems fine. I don't have a spare phone or cable to try. I received an email ab...


Hello,I have been having issues with my 1571, I'm currently receiving an intermittent dialling tone that sounds like I have a message but after calling 1571 there isn't one there, in the past this could carry on like this for a few days then the dial...

Home phone not working - help.

I'm having a bit of a problem with my phone. It's not working at all which I found out just today - I used it a few days ago so not entirely sure how long it's been out. I'm assuming that it's because of the switchover to fibre phone lines but I have...

Dickon66 by Joining in
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