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Help please re Fibre changeover

Hi people Quite stressed about this fibre changeover. The communications from Virgin have been far from helpful. My broadband hub i nowhere near my phone and apparently the current wire has to be plugged into the adapter which has to conct to the hub...

Resolved! Virgin media charged me to call them?

Just received bill. I went thru customer retention and the number was dialled on my virgin home phone. I've been charged £10.60 for 52 minutes but surely it's their free phone from the land-line? There was no other option? 

RonnieG by Tuning in
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Landline number changed

So I switched my broadband to virgin media. When signing up for it I selected ‘keep my landline number the same’. Virgin media has texted me today, saying my landline number has changed - I’ve got a new landline number. My broadband package is due to...

Cannot make outgoing calls on landline

Made a couple of calls on my landline this morning then when I next tried I had a recorded message saying"Oops, you may want to check that number"Tried all of my landline phones and they are all the same. Strange thing is that I can call my mobile ph...

JaneyJ by On our wavelength
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Transfer of my landline number to Virgin Media

Hello, today I’ve just signed up for a broadband deal with Virgin Media online and I want to transfer my landline number from my current broadband provider to Virgin Media. Having been advised that Virgin Media doesn’t contact current providers to ca...

Smartguy by Joining in
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Digital Switchover

My digital phone switchover was yesterday. Everything connected as instructed, but no dial tone on the home phone. Have rebooted my Hub 3 several times both yesterday and today but without success. Grateful for any help - thanks. 

Marts70 by Joining in
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Hub 5 Telephony Disabled - old landline also not working

Hi,I've had the notification letter that my telephone service is going over the hub but I can't find the letter - I thinks its still someway off in my area.About 2 weeks ago my landline stopped working - BT were working in the street about the same t...


Rotary phone not ringing

I was installing my landline phone but not ringing when receiving calls and the call would cut after a few seconds. Any idea how to fix this?Rebooted the hub but problem persisted. I was more than an hour with a Virgin support agent and the problem s...

LoliP by Joining in
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Phone calls

Hi guys, has anyone else been recieving calls from an 0800 number stating they are from virgin and wanting to discuss options ? They keep saying It in relation to my email I should have received about the trial ending ( haven't had any such email ) s...

New Hub

I received an e mail and phoned 150 for my new hub 5.She said three times it would be delivered on September 24th, three times made me think she knew what she had said. 24th was Sunday. She then said three times it will activate on the 26th. It arriv...