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Landline disconnected no notice

My 93 year old father-in-law’s landline has been disconnected. He asked a neighbour to call me to let me know his phone wasn’t working. I called 150 from my phone and was told his line had been disconnected and was switching to broadband. He doesn’t ...

Landline not working for a week

Our landline has not been working for over a week. . Reported fault to VM and they firstly arranged a visit from a VM technician to sort it out but that was speedily cancelled as they said it was a network issue and would be sorted by friday last. Th...

jonmc58 by On our wavelength
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Re: disable voicemail on landline

Hello, if there is anyone from VM who can do anything about switching off voicemail PLEASE can they contact me to get it started.Also, can anyone at VM get the help pages sorted out to save us customers (who actually pay the salaries) wasting time wh...

Phone Landline Not Working After Area Power Cut

Hi,Our phone landline is not working at the moment, we had area power cut yesterday and since then its been dead.All other services we have with you came back straight away (TV, Broadband).This has happened before and its extremely annoying, sometime...

Mint2323 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Landline

Good morningWe have recently switched to Virgin Media and today noticed that our landline (which in fact is hardly ever used anyway) is not working the handset says "check phone line". I have unplugged and replugged the cable at the both the handset ...

Nick23 by Joining in
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Change over date

Hi Community ,Im not physically able to plug my fibre phone adapter on my switch over day…is this crucial or can it be done a week later for instance?kind regards Peter

No home phone line

Our phone line has no dial tone. I’ve tried to find a place on the website to register a fault but I just seem to get sent round and round various self help guides.    Can anyone from VM help?

Why is my Virgin landline not working?

I'm starting this thread on behalf of my brother. The other day my brother came home from work to find his home phone cut off. I phoned virgin for him and they said he had been cut off because he had not responded to an email about a new phone migrat...

Two phones on a VM Hub 3?

I have had Virgin Media Broadband for some years.  Our phone was on a copper land line with Talk Talk.  So I have now combined my phone and broadband - Yes even with Virgin! (Not always a happy bunny with Virgin if I am honest).  So I now have 100Mbp...

grahamm77 by On our wavelength
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Home phone adater

I have recently received a text message from VM saying that you will send me an adapter which I must plug in by 1st June.This is all news to me and it seems I should have received a letter but I have not. How can I find if my existing phone will work...

jcattell by On our wavelength
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