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Resolved! swap from traditional landline to being on the hub

It's been a while since I was last on the VM community how it has changed! I just received a text saying that on 17th October VM will send me an adapter to swap from the traditional landline over to the hub. I'm wondering how that will work when I h...

Swt4ajt by Alessandro Volta
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Virgin Media "order your new Hub now" email messages

Hi, Following receipt of Virgin Media email messages on 16/05/23 and 15/06/23 to "order your new Hub now" since the home phone service will switch to the new fibre network, I eventually managed to get through to someone at Virgin Media on 16/06/23. I...

Home Phone Switchover

So last week I had a phone call from a virgin representative, who asked me a number of questions. Having answered them, I was told I was going to be sent a long 10meter extension cable/adapter to plug into my router to enable me to not have to reloca...

Milambar by Dialled in
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Resolved! TrueCall Blocker not working

Virgin Media changed me over to their Fiber telephone network using an adapter  plugged into the back of my V3 router. My TrueCall Blocker no longer works correctly. I can make calls from the handset, however i can't receive any incoming calls. Tried...

Nomad110 by Tuning in
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Landline help

Hi. We are having real trouble with our land line. We have tried a couple of times to get it fixed and Tech help can see an issue although no issues on service status check and we were told that the latest option is to try the digital switchover. We ...

AN1 by Joining in
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VOIP - Adaptor installed, router still disabled

VOIP adaptor has arrived and been installed, followed the instructions that have come with the device with no joy. Checked the router itself to confirm "telephony" had been enabled but still disabled. Can this be changed through the settings of the r...

fish7391 by Joining in
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Need a Technician please.

Hi I need to book a technician as I have two phones that are cable connected and I have an adapter arriving on the 8th of August . Are you able to help ?kind regards , J

jman by Tuning in
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Phone changeover- extension no longer working

Hi, in connection with the telephone changeover to fibre, the engineer came last week on 12th July and the phones were working upstairs and downstairs when he left. The downstairs phone is still fine but the upstairs extension is dead now, no diallin...

Pollybear by On our wavelength
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phone outage compensation

phone was off 13/6 to 23/6 was told compensation would be automaticlatest bill 8/7 shows no compensation

lesanon by Joining in
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